Numidius The Dragonborns

The Dragonborns

Population Migration / Travel


Fleeing from a cataclysmic event, a group of dragonborn priests sacrifice themselves to open a portal into the Amadels from their home world of Ebbir. The bronze, copper, silver and gold tribe settle in an abandond network of dwarven fortresses under the leadership of the later. Together they form the kingdom of Neo Drakonia. Clan Einstein settles elsewhere in the mountains, among the goliath tribes, dedicating themselves to preserve the old ways. Both sing an defensive agreement known as the Draconic Pact.   Both the red clan of Eramorn and the blue clan of Goravroth split into two rival kingdoms and immediately enslave both the green and white tribes. The small number of black dragonborns surviving the cataclysm are banished from all four kingdoms, left to travel the lands as nomads and exiles.   Both the dwarf kingdoms of Lodir and Tarihr view the dragonborn claims on the lands they lost during the Second Sun¬† as an insult, resulting in hostilities and even wars.

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