Umbrage Hill

Umbrage Hill is a large hill south of Taldirin. The hill got its name from a long feud between dwarf teigs who fought a pitched battle in the area to capture it, sometime before the Conquest of Navara. Extensive dwarven ruins have been found under it. The ancient windmill on top of the hill is a famous tourist attraction.


The cause of the feud the hill was named after was lost to time. A small circle of monoliths is all that remained to describe the grim aftermath. Scholars from Dam Lodir who studied the runes deduct that a betrayal on both sides have resulted in the death of all those involved in the gruesome battle, involving more than 40 dwarves.   The stone windmill was built on the hill in later centuries, but it too aged to more than five hundred years old. In 1202, following the resettlement of Taldirin, the windmill was restored by Adabra Gwynn who used the place as an apoticary. Due to its history the windmill has become a popular spot for romantic dates.   Prior to the founding of the Archduchy of Taldir The hill was considered as the eastern border of the Kingdom of Navara and the western border of Gnomengarde, after the city's expansion it was incorporated into it's de facto territory.   Dwarven ruins have been discovered underneath the hill in 1568, after a series of earthquakes caused a part of the windmill's floor to collapse. The site has been studies since it was dicovered, yet very little is currently known about it.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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