Taldirin's Grand Hall

Taldirin's Grand Hall is the largest structure in Taldirin. The building houses the office of the Arch Duke of Taldir, the head quarters of the Taldirian Army, the Taldirian Trade Committee, and the central branch of the Bank of Taldirin. In addition, the building hosts several financial, municipal and other private services spread across its 5 floors.


Construction of Taldirin's Grand Hall began in 1366, and was slated to finish in 1375, marking exactly 50 years from the Taldirian War for Independence and the archduchy's independence. It would serve as a new sit for the arch duke, who was still operating from the aging Townmaster's Hall. Despite initial funding issues, private benefactors and foreign aid from Dam Lodir allowed the project to move forward.   Even with the ernest work of the city's entire working capacity, the project has proved tricky to accomplish. The dwarven masonry of the facade proved too precise to be carried by simple workers, and experts had to be summoned from Dam Lodir to aid in the construction.   By 1371 the Grand hall had only finished construction of its first floor and the foundations of the second. Several changes and updates to the plans throughout the years blown the project's budget. Eventually, in 1379 the project was completely halted after only 2 and a half floors finished. The new Arch Duke was a fierce advocate against the extravagant spending of the archduchy on 'vanity and folly' while it's still building it's economy. Instead, he designated the city's center as a municipal service zone, leading to many of the city officials moving from Old Taldirin and into the city center. While more accessible to the general public, lack of funds, regulations and planning led to most of the services being scattered in a much wider radius than expected, with entries to some important offices being located in side streets and alleyways.   The building was left uncompleted until 1418, when the Kai of Kingdom of Dam Lodir arrived for a visit in the capital and was enraged at the sight of the incomplete dwarven facade. Upon his return to Dam Lodir he immediately allocated funds for the completion of the building, sending it to Taldirin along with his personal masons and a warning; Should they building won't be finished by 1430, Dam Lodir will retract all its funding for construction in the archduchy's territory.   Work on the building resumed almost overnight, and in great speed. The forth floor was completed in 1422 and the fifth was completed in 1424. The building was officially opened to the public in a lavish ceremony marking 100 years to the end of the war and the archduchy's independence.   In the years following it's opening, most of the city municipal serviced have moved their central offices into the building, along with several financial services and organizations.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Founding Date
Bank / Treasury
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