Titania: The Ship of Love and Hardship

Titania: The Ship of Love and Hardship is a play written by Jack Dawson and is a romantic retelling of the events that led to the Titania sinking. It was played in The Rosett for three years, and is still regularly played around the Edora making it the longest running play ever made after the writings of Bartholomew Lorewise. It has won eleven Academy Awards, the most awards ever given to a play.    


Jack was an aspiring merchant of some repute. In Ammand he convinced his friend John Jacob Astor, a wealthy noble and the last remnant of two very wealthy families, to come with him to explore a business opportunity in Port Valor. John was depressed after losing both his parents to bandits the year prior and jack wanted to help his friend get on his feats.   The two travel to the free city of Port Valor and with John's funds secure a lucrative deal on importing pickled oysters to Ammand. Later, they stumble upon an acquaintance of John, Wasley Horrig, a men even wealthier then John. In a night of drinking Wasley invites them to come aboard a ship he invested in. The ship was a the biggest ship ever built, a marvel of technological and magical achievements, it was practically unsinkable and could carry more men, women and cargo than any other vessel in the world. The night ends with Wasley ordering two suites for his friends in the highest deck, after finding out the entire deck is taken by nobles, Jack decided to take a room in one of the lower first class decks to not make his new friend anger a noble.   On the ship, Jack meats with Matilda DeWitt , a poor peasant girl who used her last gold coin to get a bunk bed in one of the lower compartments in hope to strike anew in Ader. Jack finds out that Matilda is a skilled artist, and asks her to paint a portrait from him. As the ship sails into the high seas, true friendship develops between Jack and Matilda. The friendship turns into love as they grow closer.   On the sixth day of the voyage, the sun eclipses and the ship is losing it's course. At night a storm breaks out and the ship is rocking, Matilda and Jack are hanging around the lower decks when something big slams into the ship and quickly disappear. They reach the longest as water start to fill the ship. After a long struggle they manage to reach the top deck. They look for John and find him helping evacuating women and children. The three realize there are no life boats left just as the ship breaks in two, trowing Jack and Matilda to one side and John to the opposite.   Jack manages to drag Matilda out of the water and onto a small piece of wood that can barley sustain both of them. After the ship sinks the two spot John floating on another piece of the debris, he is injured, bleeding and not responding. The two pieces float away and he vanishes from sight.   Jack and Matilda struggle to stay afloat while Matilda uses a sleeve from her shirt to bandage Jack's hand that was bleeding. She tells him she loves him and thank him for future he allowed her to dream of, as she lets go and sink into the water, exhausted. Jack tries to jump after her but finds out that she tied him to the wooden plank when she bandaged him. With her weight gone, Jack can easily float on the wood, and does so until he is found, five days later.   On board the royal navy, Jack urges the captain to look for John. After another day, John is found floating, he is badly injured and still bleeding. With his last breath, John tells Jack to look inside the chest in his office and hands him a key.   A month passes and Jack is entering John's office, he is using a crutch to support his leg and has a deep scar on his hand. He takes out the key and open the chest handed to him by John's master of servants. The chest opens and a single piece of paper is revealed, John's last will that leaves his entire fortune to Jack, his dearest and only true friend.   The play ends with Jack turning his back on the audience, crying in agony and falling to his knees, as who is now his master servant puts a comforting hand on his shoulder and says, "welcome home, Master Dawson."
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572


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