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Dracunyer (Dra-Koo-NiEr)

Dracunyer is a species of intelligent humanoids endemic to the eastern Ostig plateau, specifically in Skala Bashni. Dracunyer look similar to humans, with the distinction of having paler skin and elongated fangs. They are unnaturally strong and generally reclusive, though they are known to have a complex societal structure and have on several occasions intermingled with humans.

Basic Information


Though similar in apperance to other humans, dracunyer possess physical strength considerably greater than their mundane counterparts, able to carry up to three times their own weight with relative ease; on some documented cases they have been known to lift weights almost ten times their own weight: Iorghu Tomescu was able to casually lift open a rusted portcullis in one of the city gates of Mirkas; Tara Kazaku, which took part in the Osternfel Civil War of 1201, was known to wield a greatsword with one hand during the war and use it as if it were a light rapier.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dracunyer can only reproduce if they consume fresh blood, as they require certain proteins in blood in order to produce eggs and sperm. If a regular human is impregnated by a dracunyer that has consumed its blood, they will, over a period of several months, transform into a dracunyer themselves. The resulting infant will be more than likely a male, as nine out of thirteen (roughly 69.2%) of dracunyer born are male.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dracunyer are almost strictly carnivourous, forgoing the need of dietary fibers by catilizing a clotting reaction in blood they consume; when fresh blood is for some reason unavailable, they can also consume vegtables for compensation. Due to their possibly infinite lifespans, dracunyer have developed fine culinary taste, and most members of a community dedicate several hours each day just preparing a single meal. Among their favorite seasonings one can find garlic, paprika and olive oil.

Additional Information

Social Structure

With members routinely living centuries, dracunyeri society is convoluted and nuanced; traditions are temporary and could be suddenly tossed aside as a new generation with different ideals grows more prominent. However, personal honor and percieved public image are of constant importance to a dracunyer; though less common in recent years, a vast majority of dracunyer specimen would opt to fight any offending party rather than show restraint. Due to their physical capabilities, this behaviour usualy poses no danger for them, unless the offender was themselves a dracunyer; as much as 60 out of 100 dracunyer deaths are attributed to another dracunyer.

Facial characteristics

The faces of dracunyer are on average more slender and delicate than those of most humans, though not outside of the norm; however, their most defining feature is their elongated (35 to 50 mm) and hollow fangs, through which they are able to suck blood from living prey.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dracunyer are endemic to Skala Bashni, though some individuals have emigrated to other locations where they can live in relative isolation, such as small islands, rural communities in lake Kadia and the imperial lands, and one notable community even settling as far as the stormy isles.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Scientific Name
Homo Sanguibiberis
Average Height
1.65 m-1.8 m
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Dracunyer in traditional Skalani clothing.


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