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The Characters of Amazons!

Dramatis Personae

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The Amazons


An Amazon Queen, daughter of Ares and Otrera  


Evandre Portrait
No one is more accurate with a spear


Hippothoe Portrait
A wily veteran of a hundred battles

Other Amazons

Good-hearted Alcibie
A bright and bubbly singer of songs and teller of tales
Pack-laden Derimacheia
Huntress, quartermaster, and chef
Swift-footed Clonie
Small but mighty
Flame-haired Polemousa
A bit uptight until you get to know her
Man-slaying Derinoe
Clever Antandre
Healer and potion maker
Dark-eyed Harmothoe
Silent but deadly
Horse-taming Antibrote
Keeper of the herd
Cunning Thermodosa
Tactician and counselor to Penthesileia
Glorious Bremousa
Among the Amazons, second only to Penthesileia in battle prowess
hr spear right

The Achaeans


Achilles Portrait
Son of King Peleus of Phthia and the immortal sea goddess Thetis. Called the Best of the Achaeans.  

Great Ajax

Telamonian Ajax Portrait
The Strongest of the Achaeans, called "Great Ajax" or Telamonian Ajax to avoid confusing him with a smaller warrior of the same name.


Podarces Portrait
A prince of Phylace who assumed leadership of the Phylacian troops early in the war after the death of his brother, Protesilaus


Odysseus Portrait
The Sneakiest of the Achaeans.


Thersites Portrait
The Most Obnoxious of the Achaeans. Generally despised by his allies for being socially unaware. Surely there are great things in store for him in the future!

Other Achaeans

Overlord of the Achaean forces
King of Sparta, brother to Agamemnon, jilted husband of Helen

Achaean Allies

King of a hundred cities on the island of Crete
A Cretan prince, brother to Idomenus
hr spear right

The Trojans

King Priam

Priam Portrait
King of Troy and father to quite a lot of children


Andromache Portrait
Widow of Hector, the former crown prince, whose recent death at the hands of Achilles still clouds the city's mood--


Cassandra Portrait
A daughter of Priam and Hecuba whose dire predictions are always accurate and always ignored


Paris Portrait
Also called Alexandros, a son of Priam and Hecuba who judged a beauty pageant of goddesses and "won" the "right" to abduct Helen of Sparta


Tisiphone Portrait
Daughter of a humble carpenter-turned-soldier, and would-be revolutionary

Other Trojans

Queen Hecuba
Queen of Troy
Prince Deiphobus
A son of Priam and Hecuba
Prince Helenus
A son of Priam and Hecuba
He has a good ashen spear and a cautious nature, a commoner who rose through the ranks for his good counsel and friendship with Hector
A daughter of Priam and Hecuba
A son of Priam and Hecuba

Trojan Allies

General Aeneas
A son of Anchises and Aphrodite
The Best of the Paphlagonians
hr spear right

The Immortals

Legacy Gods

Erinyes Portrait
The Erinyes
Spirits of vengeance against deaths caused by family members
Thetis portrait
An Ocean Goddess, mother of Achilles
Goddess of the Dawn, who opens the gate for Helios each morning


Aphrodite portrait
The Goddess of Love who backs the Trojans and allowed Paris to abduct Helen
Athena portrait
Goddess of War and Wisdom who backs the Achaeans, especially her favorite warrior, Odysseus
Ares portrait
God of war and blunt objects, father of Penthesileia
hr crossed spears

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Author's Notes

  I didn't realize how many characters are in this story until I put them into a chart. Yow! To be fair, there are a handful I invented because they were needed and a bunch I took from other parts of the Quintan Posthomerica because I wanted them to be better established, but also there are some I dropped completely because they were superfluous.   Are you confused yet? Let me know in the comments!

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