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Mother of Amazons

  Hippothoe is one of twelve Amazon warriors who attend Queen Penthesileia during her journey to King Priam's Troy. She is described in the Mythoversal Penthesileia as a motherly veteran, torn between wanting to protect her children and wanting to maximize the military glory they obtain.  
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  Hippothoe is the eldest member of Penthesileia's Amazon crew. Her dark red hair, green eyes, and facial features show a clear family resemblance to her daughters, Alcibie and Derimacheia. At times, Hippothoe can appear dour and contemplative. She has learned to hide her fits of melancholy but can never quite bannish the foreboding worry from her eyes.   Her tribal tattoo is a five-petalled flower on the left shoulder.  


  Although the mother to only two of the others, Hippothoe effectively mothers them all. Next to Penthesileia, she is the most respected Amazon, and one most often consulted for advice. She is also a self-appointed protector and advocate for others in her group. Given the opportunity, she would make an effective leader.  

Fighting Style

  Hippothoe has honed her instincts over many years. While age has blunted the strength and speed of her body, her instincts allow her to anticipate and counter the attacks of much younger, stronger, and quicker foes. Hippothoe can hold her own in close combat, and she excels at wrestling. However, she has never been as good with ranged weapons.   Note: Proficiency at horseback riding makes each mounted Amazon a match for a two-man chariot, and provides a height and speed advantage over infantry units.  


  Hippothoe is the mother of Derimacheia and Alcibie.  

In the Mythoversal Penthesileiad

  Hippothoe is introduced along with Penthesileia's other Amazon companions in 1. "Amazons, Ride!" in Amazons! .   At King Priam's welcoming feast, Hippothoe is the viewpoint character of 15. "A Table of Allies" in Amazons! , in which she converses with some of Troy's foreign allies while pondering motherhood. She is torn between worry for her two children going into battle and the glory that would come from returning home from a victorious battle.   As a mother of warriors who will die in front of her, her arc resonates with Thetis, mother of Achilles, as well as with the widows and mothers of Troy, such as Andromache and Hecuba.  
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In the Epic Cycle

  Hippothoe appears in Book I of the Posthomerica of Quintus of Smyrna, a 4th-ish Century retelling of a story from the long-lost 8th Century BCE Aethiopis of Arctinus Milesius.  
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She has no speaking lines, is credited with no kills, and is among the companions killed by Achilles.

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Author's Notes

  The Quintan Penthesileiad includes the names of twelve Amazon companions who accompany their outlaw queen on a mission to save her soul. We know that these Amazons are loyal, brave, and skilled in fighting, but otherwise, they are blank canvases. I couldn't give all of them equal focus and development in such a short work, so Hippothoe ended up being the most developed of the group. As a mother of warriors who will die in front of her, her arc resonates with Thetis, mother of Achilles, as well as with the widows and mothers of Troy, such as Andromache and Hecuba. She also serves as a role model for Penthesileia in handling responsibility and grief.   How do you think I did in developing this character? Let me know in the comments!

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