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Mythology in Verse engages readers in a celebration of mythology while providing a gateway to deeper understanding and appreciation of ancient civilizations and their cultures.   A new poem will drop each Sunday.

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This Week on MiV:

Blog - 24 May 2020
Pyrrha in Verse:
I Imagine Androkleia
Tiresias in Verse:
The Gender-Fluid Seer
Xanthus in Verse

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Pyrrha in Verse:
Together through the Spartoi Wards
Blog - 17 May 2020
Coming Soon: "Pandora"

Current Story: "The Runner"

In a time of disease and social distancing, the Seven-Gated City cowers in fear. Citizens venture from quarantine only to scour the streets for food and water.   But in the city's darkest hour, a hero will rise to set things right...or die in the attempt. Welcome to Thebes, circa 1221 BCE.   "The Runner" is the first book in the Pyrrha of Thebes collection, based on characters and settings from the Theban Cycle of Greek mythology.
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