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Mythoversal Myths on a Mission

Created by Greg R. Fishbone. Login using your World Anvil account.
Mythoversal restores diversity and inclusion to Greek mythology through lost tales of the Theban Cycle and a retold Trojan War. Our goal is to broaden representation, amplify marginalized identities, and rediscover ancient traditions erased by centuries of gatekeeping.
Curated by Greg R. Fishbone.   To access community features, login using a free World Anvil account.

Featured Stories:

Medusa pagecover.webp
by Mieke Marple
  Available to the Medusa Collection Community   Cryptoversal Books will be collaborating on a literary NFT project with the Medusa Collection, a 2,500-piece generative NFT art project by Mieke Marple that’s reframing the snake-haired Gorgon of mythology as a misunderstood feminist heroine.   To participate in the Writer’s Room, you will need to hold a Medusa and use the access code available in the Medusa Collection Discord server.  
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  Available on Kindle Vella:      
  Free Download:    

Other Stories:

On Hiatus:    
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