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Through mythic poetry, retold tales, and educational resources, Mythology in Verse seeks to foster a deeper understanding of traditional cultures, their impact on each other, and on the modern world.   Our initial focus is on Greek mythology, but we are interested in adding new voices and cultures.   If you have an interest in mythology, why not apply to join our staff?
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Generic article | Aug 4, 2020

Introduction to MiV's mission, content, and navigation.

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From The Epic Mythoverse


And Then, An Amazon

  For nine years, Agamemnon's army has besieged Priam's Troy. But as events in The Iliad wind down, a single javelin, blown off its mark, hurls Penthesileia and her Amazon companions against the balance of powers, into the Trojan War, and into Epic history.   And Then, An Amazon is an adaptation, by MiV Author in Residence Greg R. Fishbone, of Book 1 of The Posthomerica by Quintus of Smyrna. This story represents the earliest and most complete version of Epic Cycle events between The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer.

And Then, An Amazon

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From The Mythoversal Theogony


Mythoversal Pandora

  Mythoversal Pandora by Greg R. Fishbone is a story that's too dangerous for mortal eyes, and so has been hidden by the gods within a jar, within a box, within another box, within a shipping crate, within a website.   The story can be opened, verse by verse, only by community members working together (or by a clever few puzzle-solvers on their own).  


Mythoversal Thebes

Pyrrha of Thebes: The Runner

Pyrrha: The Runner

  In a time of miasma, a new hero will rise, running toward certain death!  
The Runner
Generic article | Jul 24, 2020

In Ancient Thebes, a daughter of Creon has a fateful encounter.

Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp Diamond
  Summer Camp articles respond to World Anvil writing prompts with poems and essays in Greek Mythology, the world of Mythoversal Hellas, or Classical History.  
Summer Camp 2020
Lesson | Aug 6, 2020

33 prompts asked and answered!

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