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Medusa Overview

Direct Your Gaze…

  Welcome to the Medusa Writer’s Studio where we will be making history by reclaiming mythology on a massive scale.  

Latest Update

At a meeting February 26th, 2022, the Medusa Community decided that the prime focus of the Studio should be on the creation of a novel that will reframe the myth of Medusa into a retelling that can be presented as Circe meets The DaVinci Code.   To provide the greatest freedom to the author and secure the highest quality of story, a separate lore-based project has been shelved.   Another big decision was to open the project to the public during development rather than limiting it to holders of the Medusa NFTs. A Medusa Writer's Studio website hosted by Mythoversal on WorldAnvil will expand with author notes over the course of the project. Some pages will remain exclusive to the community, but an increasing number will be made public starting with this Overview page.  

Author’s Note:

  I’m honored to have the trust of a community behind me as I undertake this book.   When offered an opportunity to shape the plot and characters themselves, they instead voted their confidence in my ability to optimize the book with a singular voice. My voice. Using the community as a sounding board for new ideas.   When given a chance to keep the development process private within the group, they voted to open the doors to the world in order to bring this project to a larger audience.   I’m re-energized by these decisions and will be stepping up my game to make this book the best it can be for everyone involved.
  All pages of this site will include a form for your comments and feedback. These comments can be made public or kept private to the project staff.  
This story centers a survivor of sexual violence.   Blanket trigger warnings throughout.


  • Research ⬅ Ongoing
  • Thematic Development
  • Plotting ⬅ Preliminary
  • Drafting ⬅ 1 chapter
  • Editing
  • Publication


  In this phase, we will collect and consider sources ranging from Greek and Roman mythology sources, scholarly analysis, and the motif of Medusa in feminist theory. These will be compiled on the sources page as an ongoing reference to inform the plotting and writing of the novel.   Have you found any interesting sources you’d like to include? Do you have thoughts or ideas about how these might be included in the novel? Discuss in the Writer’s Studio channel on the Medusa Collection Discord.  

Medusa in Popular Culture

  A teaser trailer for a student film project.     Medusa turns people to stone.     She claims her snakes as dependents.     But she’s really fun once you get to know her.    

Thematic Development

  Themes are the focal lens in which plot, character, and setting combine. Themes emerge from the story. They are natural pathways that we pave and expand for our readers.   Already at this early stage of story development, preliminary themes have begun to emerge from the source material and its modern interpretations. See the Medusa Themes page for details.  





Life of Medusa

  The core story will present the biography of Medusa in her own words from her youth to the sexual assault of Poseidon, her transformation, death at the hands of Perseus, and aftermath.  

Modern Frame

  The mythic story will be framed by a modern story of a Gorgoneion that holds all of Medusa’s memories plus events since.  

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