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Queen of the Amazons

  Penthesileia is the daughter of Ares and the Amazon Queen, Otrera. She became Queen of the Amazons after accidentally killing her older sister, Hypolyte, in a tragic hunting accident.   A quest for absolution brought Penthesileia from her home in the Scythian steppes into the Trojan War in the defense of Priam's Troy.  
Penthesileia Portrait


  Penthesileia is tall and dark-haired, with gray eyes and Asian features. Her striking beauty draws comparisons to various goddesses, often to her great annoyance.   Her tribal tattoo is a battle-axe on the lower back. Her name-day tattoo is a triangle of three teardrops on her right cheek  


  Serious and driven when she has a goal to pursue, or when she herself is being pursued by supernatural forces. Still, no matter what chaos swirls within her own life, she always retains an awareness of her friends' problems and a willingness to set her own troubles aside to help others.  

Fighting Style

  As a War God's daughter, Penthesileia excels at any weapon she puts her hands on, but her most remarkable ability is a complete lack of fatigue. She sleeps because she wants to, not because she has to, and could otherwise continue running, riding, or fighting at peak levels for days on end. When she's in the flow on the battlefield, no enemy stands a chance at escaping her.   Note: Proficiency at horseback riding makes each mounted Amazon a match for a two-man chariot, and provides a height and speed advantage over infantry units.  


  Her mother and only sister are dead, but in Amazon culture, each tribe operates as an extended family with the Queen as the titular mother-figure of all the tribes. It would be customary to call her a daughter of Ares, with whom she craves a personal relationship.   At the time of the Penthesileiad, Penthesileia has recently inherited the title of Amazon Queen by accidentally killing her sister, former queen Hippolyte, in a hunting accident. The spilling of family blood has set The Erinyes on Penthesileia's trail, threatening to drive her to madness and death.   Due to the circumstances of her sister's death, Penthesileia, although recognized as the queen, is in exile from her people until she defeats her daimons on the battlefield. But even in exile, her leadership has earned her the absolute loyalty of twelve Amazon companions who would follow her to the Realm of Hades and back.  

Major Appearances



  1. "Amazons, Ride!" in Amazons!
Penthesileia's first appearance, leading her Amazon companions toward Troy.   13. "Arrival" in Amazons!
Penthesileia and her companions arrive at Ilion, causing quite a stir.  
Penthesileia duels Achilles to the death in single combat. In the moment of her death, the two warriors fall in love. Achilles carries Penthesileia's body to Ilion, where she is buried with full honors as a daughter of Troy.

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Mythology of Origin
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Greek Name
Πενθεσίλεια ("the sorrow of men")


Author's Notes

  The centerpiece of any adaptation of the Penthesileiad is a depiction of Penthesileia herself. I've kept the battle prowess, as presented by Quintus, while developing her relationships with her Amazon companions and using her flight from the Erinyes as a manifestation of her inner-guilt. I hope I've done the character justice.

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