grc: Αλκιβίη ("a force of strength")

As seen in The Penthesileiad
Alcibie is one of twelve Amazon warriors who attend Queen Penthesileia during her journey to King Priam's Troy and fight by her side in a battle against the Achaean army.  

Alcibie in the Epic Cycle

  Alcibie appears in Book I of the Posthomerica of Quintus of Smyrna, a 4th-ish Century retelling of a story from the long-lost 8th Century BCE Aethiopis of Arctinus Milesius.  
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She has no speaking lines, is credited with no kills, and is decapitated by the sword of Diomedes, along with Derimacheia.

Alcibie in Mythoversal Hellas

  Alcibie is described in And Then, An Amazon as the group's poetess, singer, and brightener of spirits.  


  Alcibie is slightly shorter than average for an Amazon. Her rust-red hair is trimmed short in a style that adds a pixyish air to an otherwise solid appearance. Her green eyes have gold flecks and expressive brows that she uses to dramatic effect.   Her tribal tattoo is a five-petalled flower on the left shoulder.  


  As a practical joker, Alcibie always keeps her companions on their toes, lightening moods and seeming to intuit just the right times when one of her friends needs cheering up. She also loves collecting stories in her travels, and retelling them to the endless fascination of her audiences.   She has named herself the official chronicler of the lives and adventures of all her companions, including Penthesileia.  

Fighting Style

  A capable warrior known for speed and precision, Alcibie specializes in the dagger when in close combat, prefers the bow from horseback, and is quite handy with a sword. Alcibie carries three daggers, balanced for throwing (and also for juggling).   Note: Proficiency at horseback riding makes each mounted Amazon a match for a two-man chariot, and provides a height and speed advantage over infantry units.  


  Alcibie is a daughter of Hippothoe and sister to Derimacheia. She has no knowledge of or ties to her biological father, but claims Hermes as her patron deity. In Amazon culture, it would be customary to call her a daughter of Hermes.
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