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Flameheart Iskani

Eyes of flame burned in the dark of the night, with not a single sound floating in the still air, save for the crackling of burning embers, and the slow, measured footsteps of a fire under control.   This control, of course, would give at any moment. Such was the nature of fire.
  The Flameheart are a form of Iskani, born of the essence of the elemental plane of fire. Built to withstand blistering temperatures, these Iskani are often found in lands marked by extreme heat and volcanic activity.

Born of Fire

With the essence of fire in their blood, the Flameheart Iskani are known for being both elegant and supremely temperamental, carrying with them the volatile spirit that is the nature of fire. Iskani born of fire often have skin tones in red and orange hues, as well as dark greys reminiscent of charcoal and ash. The most commonly shared skin tone is a dark grey, with a red or orange tint. Their eyes often come in the bright colors seen in flames, resulting in a range from deep reds to bright white.   The element of fire may manifest itself in the Iskani as limbs formed of animated magma or burning coals, glowing or flaming hair, and burning eyes, among others. Some may have cracks or ridges in the skin, between which the glow of magma may show through, and the most bizarre can appear to be hollow vessels with a flaming gyre within, which flares out from any open wound on the body. Major manifestations, such as the latter, are uncommon, but not so rare as to be unheard of. Most manifestations are clearly visible, but relatively minor.

Hearts of Smoke

Some Flameheart Iskani may take on the aspect of smoke, rather than flame. These wispy Iskani often lack the bright, bold colors of flames and magma, though the stark contrast between their often pale grey skin and charcoal manifestations makes them bold in their own right. These Iskani often smolder and smoke, taking on similar manifestations to their more fiery counterparts, but their tempers are more controlled.

Heat Seekers

One will seldom find Flameheart Iskani living in any climate cool enough to see ice and snow, much preferring levels of heat other races may find unbearable. These Iskani are most pleased living amidst pools of magma, open flames, or oppressive sunlight; the lack of extreme heat sources in a Flameheart's living environment can be quite harmful over long periods of time.
It is the nature of flame to be beautiful, and entirely beyond control. Unbridled elegance and fury, in one.
Skin Tones
Red, Orange, Grey (Light or Dark)
Hair Colors
White, Red, Orange, Grey, Black
(Glowing Hair Common)
Elemental Features
Fire-based features include: Magma, Glowing, Burning, Charred Skin
Smoke-based features include: Smoldering, Smoking, Charred Skin, Ash Layer on Skin

Burning Bright

In some regions, where flames burn in different hues, the local Iskani will mirror this quality, resulting in rare blue or even green Flameheart Iskani. This is typically a trait passed down to offspring, but if an Iskani is born in a different region from its parents' origin, they may take on the color of flame common to their place of birth.

Wayward Flames

There are Flameheart Iskani who fare well enough in temperate climates, where they may live amongst other races, and many associate this with having a weaker connection to the element of fire. Whether this claim is true or not is yet to be known, however the Iskani themselves balk at the concept, claiming that cold tolerance is variable just as much within their own race as it is in others.
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