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Session 11: Attack on Okodranous

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Call of the Deep

5th of Frostwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane


Session Date: 17 Jun 2022
Still in shock of the prophecy, the entire city became silent, until multiple cannon shots broke the silence. Five ships with black flags had opened fire upon the city. The group headed down to the docks, protected the people there from the attack, before heading to the Eastshore district. There they found a group of Cultists who broke into a reasearch tower.


The whole city was still in shock after hearing the prophecy of the Night of the Moon Festival as cannon fire broke the silence. A small armada of ships flying a black flag opened fire on the harbour of Okodranous. In the insuraning chaos, the Party managed to help the City Watch in keeping order around Tria's Light, and ultimately they made their way down to the docks.   The docks were overrun with Sahuagin plundering and pillaging. The City Watch and Navy was completly surprised and overwhelmed by the attack and only slowly gained control of the Docks. The Party still managed to repell the attack in a part of the harbour, saving countless people in the process.   After the attack on the docks seemed to calm down, smoke rose above the Eastshore district. Rioting and plundering started in the richest district of the city. While the City Watch slowly regained control of this district, the Party found that someone has broken into the research tower of Vitro Waterwalker, a respected researcher of deep sea biology.   They fought their way up the tower, passing a tank of Ixitxachitl and an animated tree. They barely managed to reach the top in time to find members of the Molluscan League led by Yarta Kethron, trying to capture Vitro Waterwalker. After a short skirmish, the Party managed to knock out Yarta and kill the remaining cultists. Before being able to interrogate their prisoners, the Council of Thirteen contacted them for an emergency meeting.

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