Beer Elementals

You have to be kidding me? Again!? This is the third time this week already! What the heck am I supposed to do? Don't you dare to run away! Stop right theeee.... *crashing sounds*. Damn it! Come back!
— A desperate Tavern Owner
  Beer Elementals look very similar to Water Elementals, but - like their name might suggest - are made up of beer instead of water. They typically resemble a cresting wave of beer and can easily disappear within a barrel, becoming indistinguishable from the beer itself.   They are very chaotic and playful creatures that suddenly appear within unattended barrels or tankards of beer. It is unclear where they come from or what triggers them to appear, but similar to their cousins Whiskey and Wine Elementals, they seem to be more common near powerful sources of magic. These Elementals often are a nuisance for tavern and restaurant owners, originating from a full barrel of beer, playing tricks and pranks on their customers and then running off into the city, never to be seen again.  
This doesn't look like an elemental, does it? More like a ... you know an Ooze.... like a beer ooze...... a Booze!
— A drunk in a bar giggling
  Beer Elementals are surprisingly intelligent, but their childish and chaotic nature often hides this. There is one obvious exception, though, Gui'nes, who owns the "Just a Hop" tavern in Protreni. It's probably the most popular tavern of the city and many travelers come here, just to see Gui'ness' flowing shape behind the bar.
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as long as it takes for beer to turn stale
Average Height
somwhere between a crab and a giraffe
Average Weight
between a small glass and huge barrel of beer
What's the similarity between a beer and a frog? They are both hoppy!
— Gui'nes

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