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Camel Spit

A beverage somewhat popular amongst the Sh'reen made with fermented goat's milk and malted grain which is then distilled. The taste has been called "drinkable," "musty," and "not quite like poison." At the same time, the people who have acquired a taste for it swear by the drink. It is supposed to give a lot of energy and to give strength after a long day.

Manufacturing process

Goat's milk, water, and malt are mixed in a large wooden container, with low heat underneath. Sometimes a specific form of a fermenting agent is added, other times it relies on spores present in the air. The result eventually gains a high alcohol content and is distilled, though not very carefully so as a lot of the ingredients are still there. Only various lumps or residual malts are removed and the alcohol is further concentrated. This end product is then bottled and ready for consumption.


Camel Spit is mostly a drink for commoners and undesired, especially those who deal with heavy manual labour. It is also found at nearly any inn along the roads of the Sa'ar Desert, as many of those travelling with the caravans will want it after a tiring day of travel.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related Technologies
Rarely seen outside the Sh'areen Caliphate as there is very little demand for it. When it exists somewhere else, it is usually within an enclave of ex-pats from the Caliphate. There are others who consider it an interesting exotic drink.
Base Price
1 sp / litre


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