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Desert dwarves

The dwarves living in the Sa'ar Desert have mostly lived in the Breaker Mountains, the only truly mountainous region. However, some of them decided to hide from the scorching sun by digging down under the rocky desert plains. Since this was a mostly untapped resource, they very quickly gained great wealth that they could trade with the world.   As the surface dwellers expanded, they started mining too, and the Desert dwarves sometimes feel like they have become the workforce whose backs break to support the rest of society.


Major language groups and dialects

A very specific dialect of Dwarvish is common along Sha'ree. The upper classes and those who frequently deal with the outside world are more likely to speak the later as their primary language while the lower classes and miners are more likely to mostly use the former.

Shared customary codes and values

The desert dwarves take the devotion that is so very prominent in Sh'reen culture and applies it to the clan. Showing respect for your clan means the clan will respect you and help you when needed. This provides a good safety net for most as the clan will always exist in some form. It also locks a lot of people into their position as they will lose everything if the clan doesn't approve of them.


Beauty Ideals

Being healthy and having a strong constitution is much more important than pure strength. Life below the mountains doesn't have to deal with the heat above and provides access to water. However, the surrounding Sh'reen culture is shaped by life above, and it has spread to the dwarves. As has several parts of the fashion, leading to light and pale clothes even below ground. Not getting these garments dirty is a status symbol.   A truly beautiful member of society has many different trinkets in precious metals as well as various gems. They are resilient and are ready to take on any strange thing.

Gender Ideals

Like the Sh'reen culture, desert dwarves have three social genders. Women are more frequently, though far from always, leaders and scholars. Men are slightly more frequently miners or explorers. The third gender has a slight preference for combat and merchants. In terms of appearance, the only difference is that some can grow a large beard and will often do so, while others don't.

Courtship Ideals

The Clan is the most important, and it will have a matchmaker who will find suitable couples for marriage. This marriage is a union for the sake of providing offspring and may or may not include love. Initially, the society was very strictly monogamous, but the surrounding culture has changed that, and some level of outside relationships is accepted. Not all are happy about this, especially amongst the oldest.   Matchmakers are likely to take any existing romantic interest into account. Especially when it comes to nobility, this is the deciding factor. But the strength of the clan is more important than the feelings of the individual.

Relationship Ideals

As the goal of marriage has mostly been offspring, straight couples are the norm. However, other forms of relationships are viewed as important. Such matches would be made if the two involved are talented enough that their combined skill is considered more vital to the community than them providing the next generation.

Major organizations

Clan Erebas are the rulers of the city of Kar Dulehun which is arguably the most important settlement in the region. And, of course, the region is part of the Sh'areen Caliphate.
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