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El'isarn of the Sa'ar

While not all El'isarn adhere to this culture, in fact, many simply adapt to the Sh'reen culture around them, it reflects those who live a more traditional lifestyle. There are members of other races who feel at home in these El'isarn communities, but they are always considered a bit like outsiders.   Members of the Windswept people often cross paths with the El'isarn and the two have a lot of values in common. Despite this, El'isarn tend to very much either be part of their own culture or join up with the Windswept Tribe, not both.   One notable difference between other cultures that are trying to be in more direct contact with nature and this one is that the El'isarn live in permanent settlements instead of being nomads. Their villages tend to be small and often at a more primitive level as they try to be self-sufficient. These settlements usually have a ver calm atmosphere to them as the people prefer to work hard in short shifts rather than throughout the entire day. However, one shouldn't be fooled into thinking that they are defenseless as come combat training is the norm and all of them know how to use their sharp teeth and claws efficiently.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Daana, Donya, Parvien, Parya, Pega, Sheyda

Masculine names

Ardovan, Gaji, Sahand, Radin, Kushru, Nikrad

Unisex names

Anusheh, Aref, Armanni, Barid, Nimâ

Family names

Last names are formed by combining the first syllable of the mother and father in the order that sounds most right.


Major language groups and dialects

Taking after those around them, Sha'ree is the most common language. Those of a very traditional mindset learn Fealinaan, but that language has been mostly dead for centuries outside very small circles.

Shared customary codes and values

Placing a lot of value on material goods is seen as a waste in this culture. Instead, things should be useful or beautiful - not simply good for trade. This also means that they might wear some jewellery or one pretty piece of clothing, but the majority of how they present is very simple.   Everyone should be proud of their own body and what can be accomplished with it. This doesn't mean that everyone needs to be an athlete - what matters is trying to achieve the things you can under your own circumstances. And mastering an instrument is as valid a use of one's body as mining. Intellectual pursuits are respected, but less understood. What is really not accepted is not wanting to accomplish anything.

Common Etiquette rules

Community is extremely important to the el'isarn and refusing to help others within the same community is very shameful. So is asking for help if you really don't need it or when you know that the other person can't provide it in a reasonable way. Helping your neighbour to repair their roof is a given, but they aren't supposed to expect you to fight a dragon.   Strangers are often viewed with suspicion, but the el'isarn would rather be able to keep close tabs on strangers than have them hiding somewhere unknown. Therefore, it's easy to find a good meal and an inn to rest. But if you misbehave, you will very quickly be in danger.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals


Since multiple births aren't uncommon amongst el'isarn, there are often several people celebrating their birthday at the same time. This is considered a good reason to gather for a join feast with a lot of entertainment. While the trappings of the event might be simple, there is often a surprisingly high quality of artistic performances. The gather isn't for those whose birthday it is - it is for the community having the privilige of having those individuals as part of it. Thus, no one's birthday is taken away because it is shared with many. Instead it is all part of the same celebration of everyone.   In so far as gifts are ever given, which is rare, it is in the form of a song or other art - not in something material for the same of being material.

Common Taboos

Hiding oneself more than needed is considered a sign of a truly deceptive person. If they are found wearing a mask, or worse, a magic illusionary appearance, they might never be trusted again for anything. Even concealing clothing not required for the climate, keeping clean from dust, or similar might be met with distrust.


Beauty Ideals

Keeping in good shape is important to stay alive and to show that one contributes to the community. Having a lot of muscle isn't the main thing, but looking like one might be lazy isn't considered attractive. Personality plays a big role as well as playfulness is considered a very attractive trait. Someone who can pull off a clever prank or tell jokes are always appreciated. This is never supposed to actually hurt someone or their feelings, but everyone should be prepared to be the butt of a joke sometimes.

Courtship Ideals

The el'isarn expects a very forward attitude. If you're interested in someone, you say so. If you're not interested in someone who expresses their desire, you simply reply as such. If anyone feels bad about this or holds a grudge, that is considered their problem and somewhat rude.   People in this culture are very often quite physically close as their default behaviour. Cuddling up with someone while listening to music is considered perfectly normal. This sometimes leads outsiders to assume that they're being flirted with. In reality, unless the el'isarn states that they are interested in some way, they're simply enjoying your company.

Relationship Ideals

Most el'isarn relationships are in flux and often end as abruptly as they begin. Children are raised by the community as much as they are by their parents. The parents are simply considered the ones who are supposed to make sure that the children are getting where they are supposed to.   Even while in a steady relationship, it isn't unusual for el'isarn to form additional relationships - romantic, sexual, or both.
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