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Tambet Sarap

King Tambet IV Sarap

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Tambet was the second son of the King of Sarala, Pihl Sarap and Lady Elianora Gerhol. Both of his parents treated his as the replacement for the true heir to the throne, Valdur Sarap, their firstborn son who had died from severe flu. Tambet was taught all he needed to know, but he was most interested in history.

For his twelfth birthday, he received a book on the ancient Nehenians, their Imperium of Qerthéllnaval, and the bond between them and the Saralian people. The book brought the Pact of Brotherhood to the young inquisitive boy's attention.

Humanitarian Aid

After the outbreak of The Bloodleaf War, King Tambet and his elite soldiers, the Metsavärtija, travelled to the Plutocracy of Helendriel and offered to aid their refugees and those affected by the war. The Sehenians, although sckeptical of the Humans, agreed to let them into the country. The Military Dictatorship of Vivernia saw this as a violation of Saralian neutrality. They presented King Tambet with and ultimatum - assist both sides or the Eastern Entente will break off trade and diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Sarala. King Tambet hesitantly chose to give in to the demands.

With his soldiers now split into multiple smaller groups King Tambet led his men closer to the Vivernian border. Although they had intended to stay closer to the Sehenian settlements the hatred and violence that they faced at the hands of the locals drove them across the border to a small village mostly inhabited by Vivernians. The place had been attacked recently but the local militia had kept the attackers from burning the whole place to the ground.

Rick's Band

In the early winter of 1566 AA a group of sellswords and criminals had crossed the border from the Duchy of Alden. The leader of these lowlives had been a dantuir, a creature seldom seen anywhere in the world. He said that his name was Rick, but that had most likely been a lie to cover his identity. Following him was another creature unkown to the Saralians and the other peoples of southern Lethea, a giant called Gandorf.

Tambet had attempted to capture the criminals in the city of Ranta, but due to a strange unnaturally large wave from the Great Saralian Lakes the strange creatures ended up in an unknown location. Eventually reports came back that they had attacked a military camp south of Ranta, making them enemies of the state.

A few days after the attack a few scouts had followed their tracks to the Märela Uplands. Tracking in the hills would have been difficult, but several prominent Hiiekars offered to assist by letting the spirits guide them to the criminals. With the information that the Hiiekars had provided them the king and his advisors made a plan to intercept the criminls near Kõrp. The advisors had excpected King Tambet to get a unit of his elite mounted archers to deal with the problem, but instead he sent them a messenger.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Sarala
Year of Birth
1529 AA 38 Years old
Short, balding, dark brown
1.86 m
87.2 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages


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