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Pallernian Aurel

For the love of Abrea, please just accept my Aurels! The Bank of Aussel is on the other side of the town and my weary legs won't take me that far!
— Disgrunteled Pallernian
  The Pallernian Aurel is the official currency of the Empire of Pallernia. In some parts of the country, the currency is used alongside local coins. The aurels replaced the old Hartilian Prels in 1288 AA after a series of economic reforms were enacted by Emperor Valdemor of House Pentiwichen. The currency was named after the Emperor's wife, Aurea, who is also depicted on the coins. Pallernian aurels are also widely used in the Grand Duchy of Jegrim and to a lesser degree, in the Peasants' Republic of Aussel.  

The Imperial Mint

In the heart of Herike, a busy city near the Langrihel Hills, lies the great Imperial Mint. The overwhelming majority of the coins in circulations were minted there. The Imperial Mint was built there due to the city's proximity to the rich hills. Another bonus of the location is its position at the centre of the Empire of Pallernia, allowing for near-optimal transportation of the coins to the furthest stretches of the state and beyond.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Very common
Name Material Value
Viketten Gold 10 AUR
Kutelmarken Gold 2 AUR
Aurea Silver 1 AUR
Herel Silver 0.5 AUR
Verits Silver 0.25 AUR
Paren Bronze 0.1 AUR
Obsel Copper 0.05 AUR

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