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Symbol of the Sun and Lethea

From the furthest reaches of the Rahigina to the Great Saralian Lakes, everyone knows of the Kuetilari. They may know it by different names, but the iconic symbol is recognisable to all.
— Gal Vittoria Baceli

  The Kutetilari is a symbol that represents the sun and it's known to nearly everyone south of the Divide. What once served as a symbol for the Empire of Lethea and their authority has turned into a symbol for the entire continent. Even after the old empire and all that they had done to the free peoples of Lethea had faded from memory, the Kuetilari had remained ubiquitous. Only one country uses the symbol to represent their state. The Empire of Le Zhea, the legal successor of Lethea, has kept the Kuetilari on their flag as a reminded that their people once ruled most of the known world.


Zhean records claim that the Kuetilari symbol was created roughly around 7000 years ago by Ryelist priests. Before its creation, they had relied on several different designs that all depicted the sun. Still, the Empire of Lethea sought a more recognisable symbol, and so the Kuetilari was born. Since their religion had played a great role in Zhean society the symbol became popular quickly and within a few years, the Lethean government modified their flag, adding the Kuetilari in the middle.
Empire of Lethea by Dhelian
As the empire expanded, they carved the symbol into buildings and even mountains, all to show their dominance over the rest of the continent. The Kuetilari was loved by those who were devout followers of the sun and loyal to the state but hated by all the religious and ethnic minorities who had been subjugated and oppressed.
  The feelings of resentment continued for centuries after the empire itself had collapsed, but eventually, those bad memories were forgotten about and the Kuetilari became a symbol of unity. Since the elchen hadn't arrived on the continent before the fall of Lethea, they feel indifferent about it.
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Empire of Le Zhea
Organization | Sep 8, 2023

The Empire of Le Zhea is the oldest human country on the continent of Lethea. They are known and feared for their military might and advanced technology.


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