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Character Creation

This is an introduction to creating characters in Lethea when playing tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons. These articles will guide the player and allow the player to choose their species, country, ethnicity, religion, and social class.

Step 1: Choose the Region

The region will significantly affect the game and thus ought to be decided unanimously with the entire group.

North (WIP)

If you are looking for an area to live in with a tyrannical superpower where nearly all dissents who are caught are either killed, sent to labor camps, or sent to die in a vast frozen forest, then this region is for you. If tyranny is not something you're into, you can also try living in the cold wasteland that surrounds the Empire of Lorgzilin or if you absolutely hate their cruel God-Emperor, you could create a character who actively tries fighting back against the tyranny.

Playable species: Giants, Orcs, Fauns, Goblins
Character Creation - North
Generic article | Dec 7, 2018


South (recommended)

If you're looking for a feudal world where religion, paranoia, and nationalism are a big part of daily life, then the Southern Lethea region is for you! There are plenty of distinct countries and multiple religions, the strongest of which are the Abreanist churches. The region also includes areas full of tiny countries that are unrecognized as proper nation states by the international community, so if you want to be a ruler of a country without having to colonize some far off wasteland, then this region would be your best bet.

Playable species: Humans, Goblins, Panedur, Vlandish, Elhen, Half-aberati
Character Creation - South
Generic article | Jan 17, 2019


West (WIP)

If you're interested in tropical forests and islands ruled be a people obsessed with genetics, a vast and seemingly endless desert where the environment ensures that only their hardiest survive, or if you want an Aberati infested island that is under the rule of a creature who resembles the mixture of a tortoise and a snail, then the Western Lethea region is what you seek.

Playable species: Humans, Orcs, Half-aberati
Character Creation - West
Generic article | Dec 6, 2018


East (WIP)

If you're interested in surviving in cold marshes, forests, and empty plains then the Eastern Lethea region is for you. There isn't much there. Ancient ruins litter the landscape and the only intelligent peoples are the Nehenians and the Cehvoxliers.

Playable species: Humans, Elhen
Character Creation - East
Generic article | Dec 6, 2018


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