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Character Creation - South

Step 2 - South: Choose a Country

The Southren Lethea region has to most amount of independant countries. Open a country that you might find interesting in a new tab and see if it's a place you want your character to be a part of. If you want a more random experience, you could try rolling dice to figure out where you were born.

By looking at the countries you will also be able to see what the demographics in those places are like. Once you've chosen the country, based on what's in the country, choose the ethnicity that best suits your character.

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Human Countries

Elhen Countries

Exalted Republic of Helendriel and the Sehenian People
Organization | Dec 9, 2023

The Exalted Republic of Helendriel and the Sehenian People is a decadent and corrupt alcheni country that is hated by its neighbours and much of its own populace.

Panedur Countries

Goblin Countries

Empire of Dra'kn
Organization | Apr 13, 2019

The only goblin nation on the continent that can call itself a proper country.


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