Translations found in the Lapis of Nicodem series.   There are four languages that have appeared in the series so far.
  Jilvayn is the native tongue of Jilvayna.
Ramin (Ramish) is the native tongue of Ramira.
Lyddisian is the native tongue of Dentheria.
Taangin is the native tongue of Taangis.
Ambercaast Chapter 10: Black Hats with a Dash of Tech
  • Sir Armarandos broke the awkward but anticipatory silence. “Juove pleura Armarandos, Neurne tieuble juexte Jiy Guard. Juove pluetie que pluetruge, juove pleuflin rivarle juexte fojiusto.”
    trans. I am Sir Armarandos, Knight of the Jiy Guard. I do not believe, I have had the pleasure.
  • “Surle speutiui, Sir Armarandos. Surle avrerchop vion mouii, ruien Jerin. Trecleute Requet inrne umuavue unuo crin.”
    trans. We are honored, Sir Armarandos. We seek a man, named Jerin. Leadcommander Requet is interested in finding him.
  • “Spondre???” Jarosa shouted.
    trans. What???
  • “Prora i Lady Lanth?” one of the Black Hats shouted.
    trans. Are you Lady Lanth?
Ramin, or Ramish, is the language of Ramira, a country west of Jilvayna, on the coast.   To find out more about Ramin, go to the Ramin page. Language created using
Ambercaast Chapter 11: Invitations
  • "Me rupte sta Ramin?"
    trans. Does anyone speak Ramin?
  • "Rieug seu gran Ramin. In?"
    trans. Someone must know Ramin. Well?
[container:box-ambercaast]Ambercaast Chapter 16: The First Foray
  • “Dowsk ke . . .”
    trans. What the . . .
  • (Meergevenis language, Meergan)

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