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Elenoran is a city of wood elves in the southeast portion of Karenth Centralis, Continent of. It was founded in the first year of the Displaced arriving in Karenth, and built on top of an old Nethen city.   The architecture of Elenoran was in a fairly good state when the elves arrived, and Twethinin Ellenora had his people begin to get things in order and arrange for food, fishing and other logistics to get the city in order. The people, happy with the leadership, made Tweth the mayor of the city.   The sea port of Elenoran is relatively small, and currently supports a populaition of about 4,000 wood elves. Much of the population focuses on subsistence as the city is frequently hit by hard storms, a great deal of energy focuses on making sure food stores are safe.   Elenoran trades wood and other forest products primarily with Teberent in exchange for grains and unavailable building products such as glass and fasteners.   In addition the city often trades artifacts and texts found within the city to the city of Rora in exchange for empty books, written texts, and simple yet common magical items.   Elenoran continued fued with Grayton's Lot keeps direct trade between the two cities low, and in turn, direct trade with Ironholm is also affected. Third party trade with both cities still thrives allowing for the necessary resources to reach Elenoran, but at a higher cost due to the third party cut of the profits.   The few wizards and sorcerors in Elenoran struggle to obtain the information they need for their studies. Due to a lack of wealth among the populace, this keeps the levels of magic lower than they should be. Regardless, there are a two strong sorcerors that make residencce in the city, the husband and wife wood elf team of Savien Listelwin and Willowisp Frostia Listelwin. The husband and wife team along with three other wood elves and a halfling make up the adventuring party of The Raven's Throng.  

New or Current City

  The new or current city is the modern Elenoran, restored or added to by the Displaced wood elves and other that came to the area. It is a relatively safe area residing on the southeast, and eastern side of the old city along the old docks and the wooded areas.  

The Old City

The old city is the old Nethen city that has yet to be occupied or even thoroughly explore. It is a massive area, and the wood elves are slowly reclaiming adjacent parts as needed. The Raven's Throng is quietly exploring, mapping, and looting the old city, and has a base of operations within the old city where they keep their loot.


4000 wood elves 15 high elves 3 dwarves 10 humans 15 halflings 7 fey


The government is led by a council of elders who bring in additional members as necessary. The council is currently 10 members and will add people as necessary to keep its numbers to 10.


The city has a small sea port capable of supporting 2 large ships or several small fishing boats. Built along the river that goes into the sea, the fresh water for the city is provided from the fresh water source. The city has a small guard made of 20 full time guards and 300 volunteers that can be called up in addition to the remainder of the populace.


Not a major trade port,, the city does have fish and forest products. The city also has substantial silver reserves that were left behind by the previous occupants of the city.
Inhabitant Demonym

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