Willowisp Frostia Listelwin

Willowisp Frostia Listelwin (a.k.a. Willow)

Willowisp Frostia Listelwin is from the city of Elenoran and is married to Savien Listelwin. She is an active sorcerer and member of The Raven's Throng adventuring party.   Willowisp, or Willow as she is known by her friends, is a young elf, appearing in her mid to late 20s by human standards, stands 5'8" and weighs about 120 pounds (54 kg). Her long dark brown hair is straight and comes down a bit past her shoulders. Normally she wears it straight, but will tie it back when doing physical activity or adventuring. Her skin is a very dark tanned color, a light brown, which is stange for most wood elves. No one in her immediate family going back generations remembers seeing that color in their family tree. The color comes from her skin being burned by Magical Radiation Poisoning at the time of birth, and also imbuing her with the magical energies she wields naturally.   She has a large jagged scar that runs from the top of her cheek, down her neck, shoulder and right arm caused by the claw of huge rodent the Raven's Claw fought in the old city early in her adventuring career. It was believed she would not survive, but her companion Branst Flouresan was able to stabilize her enough that the party could get her back to the temple for additional assistance. Strangely the scar never healed as a result of the clerics' healing spells in the temple, which some attribute to her skin abnormality.   Willow normally wears a long flowing scarlet outer robe belted with a black leather belt, black pants and a white blouse. She wears dark black leather bracers over the sleeves of her robe. On her belt she has a pouch and a long knife, and always brings her staff, Willowisp's Staff, wherever she goes. When walking around town, she normally carries it in one hand, parallel to the ground, instead of using it as a walking aid.   Strong of will and focused, Willow normally seems to be overly serious and direct. While true that she is usually serious and focused, she frequently bursts out laughing at reasonably funny jokes or incidents.   Willow is self taught in the magical arts, as is her husband. Once the two of them met and started to spend time together, they also began to teach each other pieces of the arts that the other did not know. Now the two of them are quite accomplished sorcerors and continue to study the arts and experiment with new techniques on a regular basis, when not adventuring.
Chaotic good
Current Location
Date of Birth
293 AA
Biological Sex
Dark green
Long, straight, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark tanned to light brown
Aligned Organization

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