Gandas Melasania

The wood elf warrior Gandas Melasania is a member of The Raven's Throng adventuring party and is a founding member. Gandas is handsome elf, standing 5'9" and weighing 140 pounds, Gandas is muscular, fit, and holds himself with strength. With black hair, green eyes, and a rugged appearance, Gandas begs attention from many within the city of Elenoran. He commands a presence and is well respected throughout the city.   The elf normally wears thick studded leather armor and greaves, and carries a two handed sword on his back, a short sword and long knife on his side and a bandolier of daggers also fill out his equipment.   Everyone in Elenoran know that Gandas is an adventurer, as he will often leave for a few months at a time when not exploring with the Raven's Throng. He tends to work as a caravan guard for the elves based in Elenoran, or will periodically do minor mercenary work. From time to time he will even work for the city guard doing something that no one else is really setup to do.   Born in the city of Elenoran 124 years ago to a father who works on the docks and a mother who worked in the tavern, Gandas made his way through town as a bully to the local kids. Just before reaching 100 years old, Gandas decided to bully a human sailor who was in town while the ship was being loaded. Thinking he could make a quick buck, Gandas proceeded to demand some cash from the sailor. He got more than planned for when the sailor proceeded to beat Gandas to a pulp, for the man was actually an emissary from Rora in disguise.   This single beat down left Gandas thinking, for he is far from stupid, and Gandas immediately changed his ways. It took several years before the city would take him on his new word, for they knew the old Gandas all to well. His reputation was tarnished for some time. Now, he has paid back all those he bullied, and has stopped a number of out of town annoyances in much the same way he was tamed.   Gandas enjoys sparring, and can often be found near the town square sparring with the kids of town, often letting them win. In the process, he teaches them how to use swords and other weapons. While not usually carrying a bow, he does own a few of them, and will usually carry them when not in town. He is just a formidable with the bow as he is with his massive sword.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Jet black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned white

Cover image: by Elena Ivashchenko


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