Savien Listelwin

Savien Listelwin is a male wood elf sorcerer in Elenoran married to Willowisp Frostia Listelwin and a member of The Raven's Throng adventuring party. Like Willowisp, Savien is also self taught as a sorcerer. As Elenoran had no formal schooling in the arcane arts during Savien's early years, he experimented on his own to learn to use his powers. When he met Willow, the two of them helped one another by sharing what they had learned and in turn both advanced their knowledge.   Savien is about 140 years old, about 5'10" and 140 pounds. He has shoulder length black hair and dark gray eyes. Normally Savien wears dark blue robes and gray pants, black boots, and often carries a thick cane in his hand. As is typical, he also has a long knife that he found in the old city made of Valinse.   Born in Elenoran and learning how to read and do math from his parents, as is common and expected in Elenoran, Savien was constantly getting in trouble for running off to the undeveloped portion of the old town near his house. He would often come home with strange objects from the Nethen, a habit which his mother disliked. Eventually he learned to hide the objects in the old part of the city so he could visit them, and add to his collection without his mother threatenting to throw them in the ocean.   Savien is a fair and good leader, and although he is de facto leader of the Raven's Throng, he prefers to be an equal among peers. When things get heated in combat or other challenges, Savien jumps in and sends out commands without thought. He is a natural and skilled tactician and strategist.   He is also one of the founding members of the Raven's Throng along with Gandas Melasania and Branst Flouresan.
Current Location
Biological Sex
Dark gray
Shoulder length, straight, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white

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