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Jerna's Diary - An Unnecessarily Detailed Document Of The World


Hello! My name is Jerna. I am a not-so-regular person from Dracosei, a planet in the Yonderverse. We are most famous for our countless dragon species, our somehow very primitive civilisations (aside from a few), and our complete inability to stop talking about how great we are. Everything you read in this world is written by me, and every image is also drawn by me. I am what is known as a Travel Scholar; I travel the world and document every last detail of the planet.  

Get To Know The People Of The World

There are several different sapient species around the globe, but the main ones would be the terani, my species, and morolls. There are mutonins, but ew, they're weird. Also I killed them all so they don't really matter anymore.


The terani are the most widespread people on the planet. It's unsurprising since we're typically a nomadic species. When the species first appeared on the continent of Etrea, we would travel all around the lands, exploring new areas, leaving tiny reminders of our existence in the form of carvings - in trees, rocks, anything.

Many years ago, large groups of us abandoned our home continent in search of new places to explore. We discovered just how many islands there were on the planet, and have never looked back. I was born in Etrea, in a small town my parents stopped at. I don't know anything about the town, as both my parents are now gone, but I am determined to figure out where it is and visit.


While the terani originated in Etrea, the moroll originated in Maerkhor. The moroll are a much shorter species, and are more frequently preyed on by dragons. It's sort of their fault, as they choose the stupidest locations to live in. Look at Karai'a, the town is literally on a dormant volcano.

I quite like morolls. They're pretty relaxed people, and I always feel welcome whenever I visit some. They are very hospitable people, and will do their best to make sure tourists enjoy their stay. I do recommend visiting Karai'a; despite it being dangerous, it is a gorgeous town with a fascinating history and culture. As well, their roasted gobblers taste nice too.

Is this working? Hopefully it is. Anyways. Jerna's Log, entry 1.
I have been on this island for about 3 days, and already have I discovered several new species never seen before. No one takes the time to study the wildlife so I am finding so many things no one has ever seen before. I spent a night sleeping under a tree and spotted a pair of tiny, floating creatures sleeping on a leaf, I've found a large, flat, warty dragon and a giant, green predator dragon. There is so much to this island, and I am so excited to discover more. Little L stole an egg of the warty dragon, so I will be taking it to my home island and raising it as my own, since it is too dangerous to take back.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 1


Hello! I've already talked about myself a bit, but I thought some more information would be nice.

I am 286 years young, because I messed up trying to talk to a deity and got cursed with immortality. Big screw up on my part, but it means I can document things for eternity. Some time ago, I forgot exactly how old I was, I became a Travel Scholar. I started out quite rough; I wasn't sure what I was doing, how to get free things (I don't earn money, and rely on donations), it was a catastrophe. I got some solid advice from an retired travel scholar. He told me confidence was key, and to this day I still listen to him.

My longest relationship was with a woman, Amandin Mea. I'll be surprised if you don't know her, she's a pretty popular actress who's starred in many movies. We ended our relationship a while ago, after I got a job with the People's Association, or PA. The PA study all the sapient species in the Yonderverse, and I was hired to study a new species, mutonins, that suddenly appeared on my planet and I had a run-in with them. Almost lost my life, actually. I ended up killing the entire species, got a raise, and I still work there part-time, whilst I continue my travel scholar adventures.



A bright and bustling universe, made with love

Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.

Enjoy the only bit of out-of-world writing in Jerna's Diary. Jerna's Diary takes place within the Yonderverse, a world that takes place within the Writer's Dimension. Jerna's Diary is written as a chance for me (Mochi) to expand on the planet of Dracosei, developing it much further than I could from just writing in the Yonderverse.
Beautiful Self Portrait by AwsmChimera
Jerna's Diary, entry 2.
Biiiiig discovery. There's a massive village on the island! I'm still a distance from them, but I've seen smoke in the distance for a while now and I can finally see the village with my own two eyes. Little L has been snapping pictures non-stop as we walk towards this village, and hopefully we'll be there by the end of the day.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 2

Jerna's Logs

You may come across little quotes in some of my articles. See, while I'm adventuring, I make little logs of my adventures so I can remember things before I write articles. I sometimes slip the logs into some articles for some extra spices.
I label them as "Jerna's Diary, Entry <number>".

Ah, dragons. These magnificent creatures are the basis of our cultures, and because of the impact on our societies, we cannot function without them, regardless of whether we love or hate them. I, personally, love dragons. I find them fascinating, unsurpringly. They have such complex lives, they are so intelligent, and are really underestimated by so many people.

I simply don't get how people could hate dragons. One of my theories is that people are just jealous they can't fly nor breathe fire. Dragon hunters make me furious. How pathetic can you be that you want to hunt these gorgeous animals!? Now that I live on my own island I am making it my goal to rescue two of every dragon species on the planet. Stupid idea, but I want to do it.

Besides my hatred for dragon hunters and my love for dragons though - there are 8 different elements that categorise all of the species of dragons:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Light
  • Lightning
  • Ice
  • Air
  • Dragons are organised into these elements based on a range of factors, most commonly appearance or location. As well, different cultures may categorise dragons differently, or at all, but elemental categories are the most widespread and recognised.

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