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Travel Scholar

Travel scholars are the best of the best, but I'm biased since I am one. Travel scholars are those who travel the world with nothing but a notebook and a dream. We wander the planet, and take note of literally everything we find, from the largest of creatures to the smallest of pebbles. It's very simple, really.
As travel scholars, you get the latest gossip between the biggest leaders on the planet. You know all their secrets, even if you're not allowed to share them. It is GREAT fun.
Alternative Names
Travel Blogger, Adventurer, World Explorer


There are absolutely no qualifications needed to become a travel scholar. You could wake up one day and go, "I want to be a travel scholar!" and that would be totally acceptable. It does help if you have some kind of qualification in writing, as people are more likely to talk to you but I still managed so it's not the biggest deal.


Expecting good pay? Don't. Instead, expect being given things for free. Usually you'll end up paying by writing good reviews on where you visit, say restaurants and leisure buildings. It is nice to get free things all the time, but I would like more money so I feel more comfortable, but it is what it is.


There are no required tools for a travel scholar, but most carry some form of book to keep notes in. I went for a notescreen, a more advanced version, with unlimited storage so I can make notes and articles forever and never run out of space.

Little L

Little L is my personal assistant, with a storage container and camera, Little L takes photos of our findings and I use them in my notes and writing. On many occasions, Little L runs off and takes things that don't belong to us, one time taking a potbelly egg and causing the mother to chase us. Not fun times.


My backpack is an absolute beast, and is able to carry things weighing over a ton, as long as it can fit. I have no idea how, but my backpack can store things beyond what I can carry, yet I don't feel the weight. I bought the backpack at some weird market in a random town, so it's probably cursed or something but it works so who cares.


When I am adventuring, I like to make little diary entries, or logs, to keep myself entertained. These small diary entries serve as a marker as to when I went somewhere, just in case I forget (which is likely).
Is this working? Hopefully it is. Anyways. Jerna's Log, entry 1.
I have been on this island for about 3 days, and already have I discovered several new species never seen before. No one takes the time to study the wildlife so I am finding so many things no one has ever seen before. I spent a night sleeping under a tree and spotted a pair of tiny, floating creatures sleeping on a leaf, I've found a large, flat, warty dragon and a giant, green predator dragon. There is so much to this island, and I am so excited to discover more. Little L stole an egg of the warty dragon, so I will be taking it to my home island and raising it as my own, since it is too dangerous to take back.


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