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Jerna's Logs

Entry 1.

Is this working? Hopefully it is. Anyways. Jerna's Log, entry 1.
I have been on this island for about 3 days, and already have I discovered several new species never seen before. No one takes the time to study the wildlife so I am finding so many things no one has ever seen before. I spent a night sleeping under a tree and spotted a pair of tiny, floating creatures sleeping on a leaf, I've found a large, flat, warty dragon and a giant, green predator dragon. There is so much to this island, and I am so excited to discover more. Little L stole an egg of the warty dragon, so I will be taking it to my home island and raising it as my own, since it is too dangerous to take back.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 1

Entry 2.

Jerna's Diary, entry 2.
Biiiiig discovery. There's a massive village on the island! I'm still a distance from them, but I've seen smoke in the distance for a while now and I can finally see the village with my own two eyes. Little L has been snapping pictures non-stop as we walk towards this village, and hopefully we'll be there by the end of the day.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 2

Entry 3.

Jerna's Diary, entry 3.
I've made it! I am finally at this village, named Khaltos. Oh my goodness is it beautiful. Their roofs are so vibrant, and they look like they're made of animal skin - what animal I have no idea. It could be the animals they have in massive pastures just around the edge of the village, they have those too. In the centre of the village is this weird egg, I really want to inquire about it. Oh and before I forget, as soon as I got here I spotted another village close by, just across the river. I'm going to visit it after, see if it is related to Khaltos. I can't wait!
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 3

Entry 4.

Jerna's Diary, entry 4.
So I made it to the village, and apparently there's some drama between this place and Khaltos? I'm kind of scared, because I mentioned Khaltos and everyone looked at me angrily and now I'm hiding in an alleyway where people can't find me. I really need to find out what's happened between the two villages, because this would be great to get down in my diary.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 4

Entry 30.

Jerna's Log, entry 30.
I stepped foot on this island about 5 minutes ago, and I am already overwhelmed with the amount of red on this island. It's kind of funny. The grass is bright red, the the trees are red, I'm half surprised the mountains are black and not red. I've spotted a few dragons running about in the distance, if I had to guess it was a flock of death's heads. I'm a little scared, but I should be okay.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 30

Entry 294.

Jerna's Diary, entry 294.
Drama time. I was walking with Little L, just chilling as we followed a river down a valley, and then I heard some roar. I though, eh, it probably won't find me, but literally as I turned around I saw about 10 dragons staring at me. I picked up Little L, and started pacing down the valley. Some of the dragons started following me, which is when I started running. I starting running faster and faster, and I even grabbed a spare firestick from Little L's compartment as I was running, and threw it down behind me. I heard the explosion, but I think I just made the dragons even more angry. Anyways, I kept on running and then I noticed a few houses. I ran as fast as I could to the houses, and as soon as I reached one I broke down the door and hid in there, as the dragons patrolled the house for a good half an hour. Not very fun. When the dragons left, I realised that this village might've been abandoned, as I saw absolutely nobody outside. But as I thought that some man came out from a small room in the house, and started screaming at me. I'm talking curses upon curses, throwing pebbles at me, and he just kicked me out of the house. I could barely understand anything he was saying, but I suspect they're used to these dragons and are mad that I dragged a whole bunch of them to the village.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 294

Entry 1045.

Jerna's Diary, Entry 1045.
New island! I believe this is the first island in the Northern Archipelago that I've discovered, and it is gorgeous. There are hills and mountains everywhere, forests of all kinds, I am beyond excited to explore it all. I have also spotted a massive city on the south of the island, the buildings are a bright green so kind of hard to spot. I am so excited, it looks high-tech too which is a nice change of pace since everywhere I've been for the past 12 years hasn't been very advanced. Most of the time people spend gawking at my notescreen and Little L.
— Jerna's Diary, Entry 1045


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