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Characterised by a generally green or brown colouration, found in forest, rainforest or swamp environments, and being rather slow, nature dragons are a more uncommon element of dragons.


One of the newest recognised elements, the nature element has only officially been around for a few hundred years. It was recognised as an official element after the law on dragons was altered. The alteration allowed obtaining and domestication of dragons to be much easier.

Alongside this law change, the element was declared, as the minimum of 20 dragon species needed had been achieved. The "mascot" species of the nature element is the scissor-claw, as it showcases every ability or feature that most nature dragons share.


As a generally docile group of dragons, nature dragons are often kept as pets. Not just for company, but to harvest crops. Nature dragons also have the ability to speed the growth of crops around them, by fertilising soil that they step on. Farmers use a few dragon species like floradrakes or hornshredders to fertilise their farmlands.

Discovered Species

Cavernous Creeper
Cliffhanger (Nature/Earth)
Scuttlebug (Earth/Nature)
Terramaw (Earth/Nature)
Thorntail (Earth/Nature)
Undead Swiftskull
Venomous Fireskull (Nature/Fire)

Night Howler

The legendary Nature dragon, the Night Howler can be found buried underneath the Kazaharo Cliffs. It lives in a large cavern, accessed through just one tunnel that even I don't know how to find.

The Night Howler is supposedly the strongest Nature dragon in existence. I believe this, otherwise it wouldn't be classed as "legendary". According to mythologies from across the globe, this creature will wake up one day and go on a feeding rampage for a thousand years, killing off all life on the planet aside from itself.


Clawings are the cutest little dragons. They're not the biggest but they love attention from their owners and make great pets since they're easily trained.
Clawing by Mochi

Cavernous Creeper

I don't want to hate these dragons, but they killed my father so naturally I'm a bit cautious around them. These cave-dwelling animals come out during twilight to hunt, occasionally targeting fellow terani.

One of the only dragons with fur on their bodies, they are well adapted to both cold and hot climates. They typically live in forested caves, so large that trees are able to grow. They nest in the tops of these cave trees, building complex nests made of clay, mud, stone and logs that reach the roof of the caves.


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