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Silver Sign

Silent Language of the Silver Elves

The darkness of the hallways drapes around them, making it impossible to see without the heightened senses of the Silver Elves. Their prey is close, the sound of its breath ragged and labored as they move closer, weapons drawn and ready to make the final kill. A few quick hand signals are exchanged, no sound to give away their positions, but their intent shared and interpreted after the smallest of movements. With a deep breath, the two step forward, their movements corridinated as they swoop down upon the creature and end its life.   In the bustle of the market, words are difficult to hear, but the quick movements of hands convey so much information to those that understand this silent language. Full conversations are had with little more than their hands, a silent discussion that few can understand or interrupt. This is one of the many secrets of the Silver Elves, a way of communication that only they can understand.   Silver Sign is the silent language of the Silver Elves, used most often when the need for secrecy is high. Some have taken to using this language when around others that may eavesdrop or interrupt important conversations, but it is not a simple language to learn. These people are taught the signs from a young age so that they are proficient by the time they are able to hunt in the tunnels, but even children born into this way of life struggle with this complex language.

Geographical Distribution

Commonly, this language is only used throughout the areas of Káto where Silver Elves make their homes. In more recent years, this language has begun to spread outside of the tunnels as these people have traveled and move away from their more ancestral home. While commonly only used by Silver Elves, others such as Gem Dwarves and some Elves have been taught the language by their friends.
Spoken by

Common Signs

While Silver Sign is a full language and does utilize many of the same words as Dark Sylvan and Deep Common, some signs in the language were created specifically for situations that arise while hunting in the tunnels. As this is the most common usage of Silver Sign, all Silver Elves will learn the common hunting signs.


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