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Volcanic Glass

Amongst the molten stone or long quiet veins, a shining black stone peeks out from beneath the dirt and grime, its shimmer drawing those in that dare to look. At first glance the shimmering stone may seem fragile, nothing more than black glass buried in the floor. To those that know stones that glimmer and shine, this is much more than simple glass. For certain people, this find will be a profitable one, one that will hopefully fill their pockets for days to come.   Obsidian is a somewhat rare volcanic stone that forms best under the heat and pressure found in and around volcanoes. Even with Isekai's size, the number of places that this stone can be found is limited, often left to places that few dare to travel. These places are often inhospitable or only used by a select few who are prepared for the harshness of such a climate. Retrieving obsidian from the depths of the world is not a task for those faint of heart.   This stone is most commonly found in areas of Káto, the Fire Islands, and the depths of the ocean. These locations are often inhabited or frequented by Silver Elves, Nephilim, and Obsidea, races that few wish to trifle with. The areas and people that surround the pockets of obsidian are usually not friendly to the outsider, causing this simple black stone to be a coveted commodity by others.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Obsidian has a variety of uses, many of which are decorative in nature. Many prefer to use the glass-like stone as decorative accents to other gemstones or as a signature piece of its own. It is one of few dark-colored gemstones that can appear either shiny or matte in color depending on the light, giving the stone great versatility depending upon the cut of the stone.   Another common use of obsidian is as very sharp blades. While steel and other metals often create useful blades that can hold a sharp edge with great work and time with a whetstone, shards of obsidian can be extremely sharp without any work. This stone is often used to create delicate blades that need to be small but very sharp, including knives used for herbalism and apothecary work as well as some sewing situations.


Trade & Market

The market for obsidian outside of Káto and the kingdom of the Obsidea is rather large as obsidian is often tied to the god Varell as a symbol. Those on the surface rarely purchase the stone for any reason other than decorative, utilizing it as a status symbol as they have the coin to purchase such a rare item from Káto.   Obsidian is common in Káto markets, especially in the cities of Silver Elves. These people use the stone as weapons, specialty tools, and as decorative jewelry that adorns their clothes or more commonly their Black Chitin Armor. While more common beneath the surface, obsidian is seen as a status symbol, but not one of purchase. Obsidian grants status to those that are daring enough to retrieve the stone from the more active volcanic areas.   Both above and below the surface, a variety of obsidian known as snowflake obsidian is highly coveted by all due to its unique coloring. Splotches of white are reminiscent of the snowfall in the northern and southern reaches of the world, a sight that even few of the surface dwellers have truly seen. The coloration makes this variety of stone perfect for brooches and other jewelry where a large singular stone is on display.
Obsidian, a stone often associated with the god Varell, is found in few places across Isekai, often in the depths of Káto and the oceans or amongst the mystery of the Fire Islands.
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