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Black Birds of the World

An echoing call scatters through the forest, its sound common to the ears of those who rely on the hunt to fill their bellies. Carcasses left to waste away will soon be picked clean, the carrion birds doing their duty, finding a meal of their own with little work. For many, the sight and sound of these black birds and their siblings is a sign of death, their black wings circling when life has reached its end. Omens of darkness and the end, their shimmering feathers are often seen as symbols of Lok and the gravestones that mark his domain.   Crows are one of the most common birds found throughout Isekai. Variations of this bird are scattered across the world, from the northernmost Giant Steps Three to the former Island of Blessings to the south and the Fire Islands to the west. A medium-sized carrion bird, these creatures are often confused with their larger siblings, the Ravens, but Crows often have less pronounced beaks and are louder with their caws. Crows tend to announce themselves as they near their food source while Ravens are silent hunters.   Those who have crossed paths with Crows know they are close to an instance of death, whether it be their own or something else. In towns and villages, these birds can be considered nuisances that will steal morsels of food from street vendors and travelers. Their intellect sets them apart from other birds, allowing them to learn faces and schedules, using their information for cunning plans to steal food and sometimes riches. Shiny objects are often sources of pride and trade for a conniving Crow.  

Basic Information

True Colors
It is most commonly believed that Crows are only black in color, but the true colors of their feather shine when in the sunlight. Blues, purples, and even greens can be seen when one of these dark feathers catches the light.


Crows are medium-sized birds, often ranging from sixteen to twenty-one inches from beak to tail. These birds can weigh upwards of two pounds, but their wingspan of roughly thirty to forty inches is considered impressive for their size. In many places, Crows are considered the largest carrion bird unless Ravens or other large birds of prey are present.   While considered to be black in color, Crow feathers range greatly in color, often having shades of blue, purple, and green mixed with black. Many describe their feathers as the rainbow shimmer that appears when certain oils are poured on dark stones or similar to the reflections seen in soap bubbles. Only in the brightest sunlight are the true colors of their feathers revealed.   Crows are often distinguished by their loud, short, and rapid call as well as their intellect. Their calls can be heard for miles on clear days and their flight pattern varies drastically from other birds as Crows constantly flap their wings during flight instead of gliding at key points. It is also believed that Crows are smart enough to remember certain information and memorize things such as schedules, faces, and other things that can benefit them in the future.  

Genetics & Reproduction

A wide variety of Crows live throughout Isekai including the Northern Crow (Corvus vorieos), the Southern Crow (Corvus notios), and the Island Crow (Corvus isle). Many more variations of crow exist throughout the world, but most commonly, all are referred to as Crows or Ravens. In many instances, the names Crow and Raven are used interchangeably as the birds are relatively similar, and to most, it is hard to discern any differences while the creature may be in flight.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Crows are one of few birds that can be found in nearly every area of the world, including certain parts of the Great Plains and the areas known as Deadzones. Anywhere where death and decaying carcasses or street vendors can be found are often prime locations for groups of Crows known as murders. Groups are fluid and often move in wide patterns across various areas depending on the whims of the group, while some individuals will claim an area as their home if food is plentiful.   Due to the size difference, Ravens will sometimes run groups of Crows out of an area if the availability of food is enough to only support one of the groups. In most instances, Ravens and Crows will live in similar areas and may share meals, including with other carrion birds, but only if the area can support a large number of these birds.
Crows are one of the most common carrion birds that exist throughout Isekai. Many often find it difficult to tell the difference between these black birds and their siblings the Ravens.
Scientific Name
10 to 15 years
Average Weight
11 to 22 oz
Average Length
16 to 21 in, including the tail
Average Wingspan
33 to 39 in
Group Name
Murder of Crows
Geographic Distribution


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