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The Northern Pact

Today, I bring news that feels unreal to be saying. A culmination of centuries of efforts both clandestine and obvious.

The Malisyk, and their digusting, abhorrent ways, no long hold sway in Faur'ridar'ru

No longer will we walk our own streets in fear of their assassins. No longer will the people of Dar'ru be under siege from within.

This is cause for celebration, but the fight is not over. Now Faur'ridar'ru can travel the long road of reconstruction and revitilization.

To facilitate this, I am joined by the Minister in annoucing the formation of the Northern Pact.

Through this Pact, Jhoutai shall be one step closer to a bright golden age of prosperity.

Tonight, I call on all Aempians to celebrate, and remember all those who laid their lives down to get us here. They are heroes, and they shall be honored as such.

The day after the final brutal battle of the Blood Snow Offensive, Clasnithira went live to the entirety of the planet from the grand hall of K'khelaKhen with the Euikan Leader announcing the death of the Malisyk, and the economic and military alliance of Faur'ri'dar'ru and Aempis. The death of the Malisyk was a world celebrated event, which helped dampen the fact that the Aempian Government just gained a lot of power and resources from the liberated puppet government of Faur'ridar'ru.

A Change of Policy

The Success of the Blood Snow Offensive, finalized by this speech, began to show the prospects of unity underneath the The Aempian Government and the eventual Union of the ValuSelu Pact.


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Aug 20, 2023 15:52 by E. Christopher Clark

I love how economical you are with your words here, how this article gets in, gets out, and gets its job done. That feels like the epitome of what Dimi was trying to get across to me in an early comment during this year's Camp. Also: I'm so inspired by the way you and Ademal build and bounce off one another!

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Aug 23, 2023 02:34 by Barron

Saving those wordy article for World Ember! Thanks for the kind words ECC!

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