Blood Snow Offensive

The Blood Snow Offensive was the name given to the largest and most devestating military incursion into the Malisyk territory of Faur'ridar'ru.

The entire offiensive lasted four months, and saw the Malisyk left in tattered pieces. These pieces were cleaned up after the offensive, though some pockets remained and operated in a cell until centuries later.

The winds of Faur'ridar'ru cut as deep as their knives, frigid lances that goaded me to pack up and leave.

It wasn't cold enough to freeze my rifle, and so I stayed. There were Malisyk to slay, and I waited far too long for my chance.

Johnny Durange
Blood Snow Offensive, 4420 JS

The Fall of Malisyk

The Blood Snow Offensive was the product of months of planning and subterfuge by the Aempian Government, it was a cross-national effort to squash the threat of Malisyk insurgency.

Regiments of Aempis, Valdutan, and Nege-Tai marched into the frozen north of Faur'ridar'ru. They targeted and raided dozens of Malisyk strongholds, each as bloody a battle as the next.

The losses piled up on both sides, but the strength of the combined nations was eventually enough to route out most Malisyk cities, which were liberated to Faecha and Eiuka-Nasyk.

Phases of Battle

The open conflict of the Blood Snow Offensive only lasted five months, but the Offensive itself was a multiyear operation that operated in the shadows in the war-rooms.


In order to take down the Malisyk, Warden and the Triptych of Aempis knew that they would have to be placed into a state of disarray. Failing to do so wind up in either a total loss, or failing to finish off enough of the strongholds.

To facilitie this, agents were sent into the stronghold to steal powerful weapons, assassinate leaders, and break down communications. The most prominent success was the heist of the two powerful affinity weapons, Da'al and Da'at.

In the process of this heist, the leader was hampered, and the chaos afterwards spread from the center of power outwards.

Multi-pronged Offensive

Aempis could not take down the fortified Malisyk strongholds alone, and so they reached to other neighboring Sazashi countries. All of them had reasons to take down the assassian-cannibals of the north. Countless border-skirmishes left the Malisyk with no allies and many enemies.

They also organized the citizens of Faur'ridar'ru who had lived alongside the Malisyk. The Faecha, common targets of the Malisyk's wrath, joined forced with Nasyk who despised the name that the Malisyk forced on them, known as Eiukans.


As the Aempian Alliance liberated the fortresses, they were given to the Faecha and Euikan Nasyk to settle. Livable settlements within the cold region of Faur'ridar'ru were few and far between.

In the long run, the new allies in the north would prove valuable to Clasnithra Illithra Khandea's goals of forming the ValuSelu Pact

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Imporant Battles

Battle of Hill 278

A bloody battle where Parisan vanguards backed by Nasyk sharpshooters pushed against a mountantop Malisyk fortress.

The battle was fought over every inch, with losses piling into massacres on both sides. Eventually the Parisan prevailed, but at a terrible cost.

Bloodsnow Capture

The battle that named the war, Bloodsnow was a Malisyk stronghold built into a glacial valley. This battle was rife with attrition and trench warfare.

Snipers ruled the battlefield, with armored units bogged down by the narrow crevices and passageways. The Capture of Bloodsnow took three months of the entire offensive, in which every belligerent took massive losses.

Three weeks I spent in that crevice with my Euikan spotter. Three weeks where we had nothing to do but duck, huddle, and take potshots and ear-shaped snow piles. Sometimes the snow would run red after the shot.

"Bloodsnow's right, hmm?" my Euikan friend would always joke.

Johnny Durange
Blood Snow Offensive, 4420 JS



1,520,000 Combined Forces
578,000 Malisyk


376,000 Wounded 76,236 Killed
272,000 Wounded 230,236 Killed


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