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Quigley, a Watch

Written by Etoilebane

Dutiful. Faithful. Able to make a cracking good cup of Earl Grey. Or Oolong. Or Assam. Certainly not Herbal. No, never Herbal tea. Donald has said that many times. Proper. As much a gentleman as a diminutive Watch can be.
— Quigley, self description

Donald Worthington is a man of faith. Faith in the adage 'the sun would never set on the British Empire', and in a good cup of tea. He may not be able to do much for the British Empire, but his acquisition of Quigley from a Watch seller is his effort to make sure the world around him is never without a good cup of tea.

As such, Quigley has had an assortment of tea preparation techniques, tea blends, and Donald's tea preferences downloaded into his internal memory bank. In the event that Quigley runs out of tea or preserved milk/lemon, sub-routines are present to help in refilling stocks; including the cutting, drying and roasting of tea leaves if need be.

Briefly, Donald tried having a voice box with a limited phrase-book installed in Quigley. Good, proper British phrases like 'Cracking', 'Right-o' and 'For the hunt!' were loaded into it. Regrettably, the steam from Quigley's water heater short-circuited the voice box, and it was met with mixed results.
Righto cracko for the hunto! The righ-righting cracking hunting cra-ckin-go
— Quigley, last spoken message

At least he can still write.

Basic Information


Most Watches have humanoid limbs, and a general human/humanoid appearance. Quigley was a special-order, and therefore has features above and beyond the average watch. In addition to a bit of a beefed up neural processor to remember tea preferences, his torso houses a complete tea set and a small water heater; capable of producing temperatures of up to 110 C for the perfect cup of tea.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Most Watches either get familiar names, or names relating to their purpose; Quigley is no exception. Named in honour of Donald's favourite Uncle; Quigley wears the name with pride and distinction.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Created by the fine folks over at WWWW and sold by a certified Watch distributor on Victoriana
Average Height
1.2 meters
Average Weight
4.5 Stone


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Jul 5, 2018 03:53 by Heath O'Donnell

Before I read anything, the title alone made me chuckle.   Forget Digger, Quiqley is Watch waifu. Quigley is life.   I would love to see a bit of art, or at least a sketch. Otherwise, amazing bit of work on a very unique pet!

Jul 5, 2018 03:56 by Daniel Jackson

I can't art worth a damn, but I'll look for a good reference image.

Jul 5, 2018 07:27 by Tikal

Wow that's a super strange character. That's some really excellent thinking outside the box!

Jul 5, 2018 09:14

Wow, that's an interesting idea for a pet. As a small criticism, maybe I would explain more clearly in the article what's a Watch (although there's already the link with the tooltip), but really this was fun to read ^_^

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