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Meta Cask

Prompt 3: A resource that provide fuel or power

A Meta Cask is gemstone prepared to store Meta. Its quality is judged by size, type of gem, cut, what enchantments are already within it, and if it is etched with any other elements or materials to help conduct or store meta.


Most Meta Casks are made from Moh's 7 materials—especially Quartz. Raw materials are not suitable for the task, however, and it takes a factory (or a powerful Psiolic—typically a Mason) to purify the imperfections (fissures, clouding, etc) from the material. Any crack and cut in the material can allow Meta to escape. The more perfect the container, the longer it can store Meta for.

The capacitance of Meta to Cask is typically 1 point of meta to a 1.5" diameter sphere of crystal.

Additional plating, padding, and Convey points are attatched to the outside of the crystal, to allow it to be integrated into other Meta Technology.


Depending on if the Meta Cask has been secured or not, it may be limited to being activated by any caster, a single caster, or a device or artifact. If it is unsecured, any Caster may use it to store their meta or withdraw it. In situations where the Caster has downtime but expects to be casting a lot in the future, they may reload all of their Casks in preparation.

Meta Cask Battery
Meta Cask Battery by Ademal via Midjourney


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Jul 3, 2023 20:08 by Drake Ragon

Any type of battery is a source of power. Quite easy yet I did not think about it until just now, so thanks for reminding me to sometimes think inside the box.   PS: Please remember to attribute the used art.

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Jul 4, 2023 17:53 by Ademal

Glad to help and thank you for reading!   I wrote this and generated the illustration for it during a stream. Now that the stream is over I'm going back through and properly uploading the images with credits. ^ _^

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Jul 16, 2023 09:44 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo, I really like this. I like that it requires a particular hardness of gemstone to work correctly.

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