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March of Euphraesthi

The Sazashi Days of Pride

The March of Euphraesthi is an annual event where the pride and independence of the ValuSelu Pact is displayed and celebrated.   The March of Euphraesthi and its festivities last for three days and include an Akjhe festival, a military parade, and the day of competition. While it is largest on the Valuselu Pact's homeworld Jhoutai, it is not uncommon for any planet with a Sazashi presence to host their own Marches.
Attending the March of Euphraesthi is quite a show. Boundless enthusiasm for their culture, displayed in such a way that you can not help but feel pride yourself.   And I say that as a Human.
— Human Tourist


The March of Euphraesthi was conceived shortly after the Sazashi Revolution as a way to boost the moral of the Sazashi as a race. First organized by the Shejlt-Rajh, it garnered the attention of all the Sazashi Kinds.   They first used the opportunity to show off their might through the military festival, but as the Sazashi grew closer as a race it began to be used as a tool to motivate and unite its people under one banner.

Day 1: Akhje Festival

A day of learning, celebration, and festivities all dedicated to Akjhe. It is a time where all Sazashi come together to help each other satisfy the Akhje that makes each Kind unique.  

Day 2: March of Euphraesthi

This day is dedicated to flaunting the military prowess of the Pact. A massive military parade takes place in the host nation, comprised of all nations most elite military forces.  

Day 3: Day of Competition

The third day is a day of games and competition. Many Sazashi have unique sports that tie to their Akjhe such as Shalegkua and Shield Dancing. Tournaments for these games are set up on this day and televised planet-wide.


Author's Notes

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