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Fashion and Aesthetic


Talk about the fashion industry and how it's heavily centered within the Syndicate.

The Modern Styles

Though there are many opportunities for fashion to proliferate between Banners, worlds, and peoples,

ValuSelu Pact

Style within the Pact is largely traditionalist, with an emphasis on expressing your homeland and family in your dress. Common embellishments include faux markings,

Vanthric Haimarchy
Andromeda Syndicate

Style within the Syndicate is largely minimalistic, sleek, and utilitarian, with a counterculture focused on maximalism and the conversation between biology and machinery. Fashion is typically anti-traditionalist, with great changes in trends over time.

Free Planet Federation
Somnacy of Sol

Style within the Somnacy harkens back to styles of old echoed in the modern sensibility. Humanity is proud of its roots, especially those which Aempis put the most work into trying to sterilize and erase. This classical look has given them a reputation of scruffiness, but the truth is far from.


Building your Aesthetic

Wondering what to wear, start here! A key of banners and sophont to help you choose stuff.

By Banner
By Sophont
Humans, Verin, Sazashi
By Class
Common, Statement

Glorified within the machisimo of the Federation, primarily among Sazashi.
Common among all Sophont of the Syndicate, and fairly common among the Federation as well.
Common in every Banner. Tattoos of the modern era are subcutaneous patterns which can be programmed and change with relative ease, patterns swapping even live. Some of these are done by ink, some by implant, and some with gene-editing.
Common within the Haimarchy and the Pact. Within the Haimarchy it's done as a ritual marking of gender, while within the Pact it represents accomplishments of one's traditions.)
Common within the Pact, Haimarchy, and Somnacy. Lume is a popular and pretty way to decorate the body with glowing
Scent Pouch
Common with all Sazashi.
Common within humans of the Syndicate, uncommon everywhere else.
Faux Markings
It is common for Sazashi to touch up their markings to make them more symmetric, add color or lume, or develop entirely new patterns. Many do this on a purely superficial level, but there's a market for gene-editing for more permanant solutions.
Exotic Erotics
Common within the Federation for all Sophont, and uncommon within the Syndiate and Pact. Relies on Orga tech.


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