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Claim Jumper

The Claim Jumpers are a slang term used for prospectors who land on owned planets to make their own discoveries to sell to Banners or other interested parties. They are considered an illegal profession in most Banners, but enforcement and tracking these Claim Jumpers is exceptionally difficult because they operate on non-settled worlds so there are no offical enforcers in the area.

Yeah sometimes we come in and snipe up some resources and knowledge, it's fair game out here in the wild. There's no one for lightyears except us, and the people trying to kill us. So yeah, don't come to me and tell me I'm immoral just because I'm earning a paycheck.
— Mosey

Exploring Under the Radar

Claim jumpers have only existed in a few points of history, during the first expansion into the stars, and after The Melancholic Lacuna. Claim jumpers come in a litany of sizes and races, and their affiliation is just as varied. They land on newly found planets, no matter who has purchased the 'rights' to prospect them, and take what they can.



Many see Claim Jumpers as a legitamate profession, as the planets they operate on are typically not owned by a specific banner. Many people see them as pioneers and forces against monopolization of planetary exploration.

Others see Claim Jumpers as a liability and as petty as common theives. If they are caught on a planet while Claim Jumping, it can be assured that they will not be treated well by those who find them.

Yeah, if we see claim jumpers, there's no mercy. We work hard for our cut, and they think they can just parachute in and snipe all the good stuff. Not on my watch.
— Prospector of Guar'rim's Guillotines


Claim Jumpers often times have no need to fence their goods nor cover their sources of information, as persecuting Claim Jumpers in a legal system is a complex task as ownership is often held on a per Banner basis.

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