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Anuinzheulmin of House Nchrei was a lord of the Vadakendanic Procession and member of the Sepulchre Procession. He is entombed in a Sarcophogal Necropolis somewhere within the Kajh-Tai Region, though the exact location is unknown to most, rumors Anuinzheulmin's Acolytes persist around Yak'koli, leading many to assume that Anuinzheulmin's Necropolis is somewhere beneath the Yak'kolithar Amberge Complex—a theory reinforced by the death of Gikerus, the Amber God and his Heretical Cult's claims that he was killed by an Amberchrys Elemental Imbued with form and purpose by passive enchantments on the Necropolis.

In Life, Anuinzheulmin was known to be a critical part of the Vadakendanic Procession's move away from Sazashi slave labor. However, unlike some progressive minds of the time, Anuinzheulmin was a vocal advocate of the extermination of the Sazashi, before they could "think to get payback for the servitude thrust upon them."

Anuinzheulmin's fear of Sazashi did not prevent him from using them to test his many creations and inventions, leaving many Sazashi Mindshattered or in a state of Mataglap Ferality

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