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Witchgrass is a rare type of flora that thrives in high-magic environments. Native to the magical wastes, this plant is classified as an Auravore, able to absorb the magical energy in its surroundings for supplemental nutrients. It is known locally as "the worldmothers' grace" for its many healing capabilities.
Geographic Distribution


Witchgrass looks a bit like a small spine sprouting from the ground. The "bones" that compose the plant, while not exactly the same as the bones inside a person's body, are not entirely dissimilar. They are as hard, almost harder, with marrow in the centre where the plant's nutrients reside. At the base of the plant are curved, leaf-like bones that dig into the ground, pulling these resources into the centre of the plant. Sprouting from its spine are blood-red flowers, which produce a similarly-coloured viscous liquid that drips down the side of the plant.

Genetics & Reproduction

Witchgrass doesn't reproduce in the traditional sense. Every witchgrass sprout is connected by its roots. These roots span about half the magical wastes, with plants emerging from the ground in a repeating hexagonal pattern. This pattern provides enough space between plants for each to not have to compete for resources, while having them as close together as possible. This also means that damage to one of these plants can affect the entire network, making it a highly protected species. As such, any harvesting of the plant is heavily measured and monitored.

Uses & Byproducts

There are a few different things that can be made from witchgrass, with various properties and benefits. The bones can be extracted and crushed into a powder known as bone powder. This powder, traditionally compacted into a pill, promotes bone growth, and is used to strengthen weaker bones and to heal breaks and fractures. Witchblood can be made from the liquid excreted by its flowers, and is an effective anticoagulant, used to prevent blood clots in high-risk patients and protect against strokes or heart attacks. Witchbone marrow, extracted from the centre of the plant's bones, can be made into a tasty throat-soothing broth, or as a local anasthetic, applied as a gel.

Witch's Heart

However, the most valuable byproduct of the species is witch's heart, the small organ found on the plant's spine, where its flowers sprout from. This organ is responsible for converting the magical energy that the plant's roots collect into nutrients for its flowers to grow. This organ, when harvested and consumed, acts as a magical painkiller and antibiotic. It's a great remedy for most diseases of magical origin - with the exception of those caused by magic overuse. Unfortunately, a there's a delicate balance to the use of witch's heart. It is incredibly addictive when used in larger or more frequent doses.

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