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Witchblood is a blood-red viscous substance that can be harvested from the witchgrass plant, found in the magical wastes. It is a highly effective anticoagulant; it is used for preventing blood clots, and can be life-saving in patients at risk for heart attacks or strokes.

Physical Qualities

Witchblood itself is a thick red liquid that could easily be mistaken for blood. It can be a bit clumpy, with chunks of larger plant matter floating within it if not properly pressed. It leaves a sticky residue on things that it touches, which is difficult to wash off, as the substance is hydrophobic and only repels water. It tastes simultaneously bitter and overly sweet, and is not a pleasant taste for most.


Witchblood is used purely in medical settings, and very rarely for anything else. Even for the kuuyikar, with their incredibly broad appetites, consuming too much of an anticoagulant still has adverse effects. For most other species, the taste alone is enough for them to stay away unless absolutely necessary. Witchblood is the most effective anticoagulant that can be found on the planet, and there are efforts to distribute it globally. However, there are some places where it remains rare.


Witchblood is most effective when consumed in liquid doses. When consumed, it coats the inside of the throat before diffusing into the bloodstream. It typically acts within around half an hour of administration, and its effects last for around 6-8 hours. Some choose to make it into a smoothie, or thin it with broth to make it more akin to a juice, to try to make it a bit more pleasant to drink. These methods do serve that purpose well, though they make the witchblood a bit less effective.
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Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
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