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Skyhome is a city located in the dewdrop peaks. It is primarily inhabited by angels, and much of the architecture is built for smaller species due to this. However, it is still friendly towards tourists.


The vast majority of the people living in Skyhome are angels, the only sapient species prepared for life in a high-altitude, low-oxygen environment. However, the majority of the angel population do not take up permanent residence in the city, only returning once and again throughout their travels in the peaks.


The city's government is led by the Cloudwalkers, one of two major angel organisations. The leader of the Cloudwalkers is likewise the leader of the city, and only member of the Cloudwalkers are permitted to have a say in the selection of this leader.


The appearance of Skyhome is rather smooth and futuristic, compared to the architectural styles of the world below. While some of the city is build on islands, other buildings drift to the sides of it, only accessible by flight to and from the mainland part of the city. cloudcars transport tourests to and from different destinations, but the angels living or travelling in the city prefer to just fly on their own.

Guilds and Factions

While the Cloudwalkers control the majority of the settlement, the Order of the Sun does have members and leaders who spend time in the city as well. The Order claims they are not interested in the city or how it is run, but as they have been caught sending spies into the ranks of the Cloudwalkers, it is unsupported if this is the actual belief that they hold.


Skyhome was built long ago when the first community of angels grew closer together, deciding to make a joint settlement to return to one another in between their travels to other islands. As they met more people, more angels began to travel to Skyhome, and it became the central hub of activity for their communities.


Tourism is fairly common in the dewdrop peaks in general, and Skyhome is often visited at least once by each tourist that comes through. It is one of the primary advertised locations on travel brochures, especially since the distruction of phiamara and its university.


Skyhome drifts along with the rest of the islands of the peaks, but it is able to remain in or very close to the centre of the islands at all times. It is one of the few locations that is protected from collision by magic, though not because the angels wanted to do so, but only because of insistence from tourists and a desire to get them to shut up.
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