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Your Guide to the Heavens: A Travel Brochure

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The sun shines bright in the sky. Islands float amidst, among, and above the cloud layer, held aloft by magical wind currents. The islands drift along with the currents, passing and occasionally colliding. It never rains, it never snows, but crops grow and birds chirp. Welcome to the Dewdrop peaks.

So, you want to travel to the dewdrop peaks?

This concise and entertaining document will contain everything you could possibly need to know for travel to this region!

Hey, what even are the dewdrop peaks?

I'm glad you asked! The dewdrop peaks, also known as the Heavens, are a collection of floating islands flying just above the cloudline! On a clear day, you can see them - if you look close enough, and don't mind the glare of the sun.

Why should I travel there?

Well, friend, great question. You shouldn't! Haha, I'm kidding! But in all seriousness - you should know for sure you want to visit this place before you head there.
If you are...
  • Sensitive to changes in oxygen levels
  • Pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • Over 7 feet tall
  • Sensitive to high levels of magic
  • Afraid of heights
...then you should not, I repeat not, travel to the Heavens. You'd think that last one wouldn't need to be said, but...
Well, anyways. If you are in any of these groups, I highly advise against travel to the dewdrop peaks, for your own safety and well-being.
Hovever, if you...
  • Love a great view
  • Enjoy being closer to the sun
  • Have always dreamt of flying
  • Want to be on top of the world
Then a trip to the Heavens may just be for you!

You've convinced me! When should I plan my trip to the islands?

Another excellent question! You see, there are some times of year when the islands are vastly different climates. When you should go is dependent on your preference.
Do you thrive off of excruciating heat?
Head to the peaks in the summer! The sun is relentless in these hot months, and if you love the heat, you'll love this time of year!
Do you like it when your home temperature makes people shiver?
Boy do I have news for you. If you travel up to the Heavens in the winter, the cold nights will be just what you need!

How do I even get to the peaks?

Well, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can hop right in a cloudcar and drive on up there! If you don't have one of your own, you may be able to borrow one from your local district government - simply fill out some forms, wait for them to be approved, and BOOM! Your noble steed up the the Heavens awaits you. These cars can fit up to 4 people, so keep that in mind if you want to head up with a larger group than that - you may need more cloudcars!

Where will I be able to park?

Well, that's the best part - you don't!
Simply keep flying around the peaks, get out to take your pictures on the islands, and hop right back in! You'll be able to zip between islands in no time, seeing all the sights, and forming memorable stories along the way!

Are there any dangers I should be aware of?

Of course there are! But hey, it wouldn't be an adventure without danger, would it? If you are an oxygen-breathing species dependent on a certain level of oxygen percentage in the air, you should be cautious. At high altitudes, such as those in the peaks, there's not nearly as much oxygen as there is on the ground.
But how do you stay safe up there? Well, make sure to manage the oxygen levels of your cloudcar, and bring suits if necessary!

Who will I meet there?

The angels are the primary folk that live up in the clouds. They're smaller than you'd expect them to be, and they're mighty fast! They don't do well with conversation amongst other species, however - they seem to be in their own world most of the time. So don't be bothered if they don't respond to a question the first time you ask it, or if they trail off on a seemingly unrelated tangent.

Are there any specific sights to see?

Of course there are! Aside from the stunning landscape and beautiful view, there are many tourist destinations among the clouds!
Skyhome is the primary settlement of the angels that live in the islands. It is less of a city, and more of a collective area for the angels to rest, in between their many travellers. And it is perfectly welcome to tourists! Grab the fun, unique foods of the region, indulge in local delicacies! The angels love small trinkets and gifts, so trade those for some of their deliciously-made artisan food - you won't regret it!
Cloudwhales are magnificent creatures, flying high above even the clouds! They have a brilliant method of turning water into food, which they use to sustain themselves! Take a cloudcar and go cloudwhale-spotting, and you can see these absolutely stunning and brilliant creatures for yourself! Just make sure to keep your distance, or you may startle the poor creatures - now we wouldn't want that.
Phiamara is the largest island among those drifting in the clouds! It's home to the one and only University of Phiamara, renowned university of the angels! It has a large collection of books, a beautiful observatory, and plenty of absolutely lovely art. It is welcome to visitors, as well, so long as you book a visit ahead of time - they need to allow the students some quiet time to work on their studies, after all!

Please disregard this location. This brochure was written two months before Phiamara and a smaller island collided, causing the destruction of both the island and the university. It is currently being rebuilt, location yet to be announced.

Cover image: Man Standing on Mountain Against Sky by Pixabay


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