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The driftwyk is a small creature that can barely be considered an animal native to the rolling hills. It has a similar appearance to an upside-down jellyfish, and somehow has even less intelligence than one. It has long airborne tendrils that grow well into the sky, catching any stray dancer shrubs that happen to drift overhead - this is how the species gets its nutrients.


Driftwyk have small malleable bodies, often slimy to the touch. They hover just above the land on which they reside, moving wherever the Auras surrounding them will flow. They have long appendages sticking upwards out from their main bodies - these tendrils are colourful and sticky, able to adhere to any dancer shrubs that happen to float into their grasp. They then pull the plant downward into the creature's core, where the plant is digested. The adhesive fluid on their tendrils is not strong enough to do much else, able to easily pull away from by anyone with anything resembling muscles, and not even worth using to make children's glue. However, it still is able to serve its purpose well enough.
Driftwyk reproduce by releasing tiny eggs into the air, which expand and grow into their adult forms wherever they land. These eggs are able to pull minimal nutrients from the magic around them, though this is nowhere near enough to sustain them once they reach adulthood, when they then grow their tendrils to feed with. The eggs are incredibly tiny, and near imperceptible to the naked eye. However, adults of the species are capable of growing up to two feet tall, height of the tendrils included.
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