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Dancer Shrub

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The dancer shrub is a plant species native to the rolling hills. It is able to survive for up to multiple weeks without its roots, a helpful feature in a biome where the ground moves. If it does happen to get detached from its roots, it will drift through the air until it finds a new suitable place to take root.


The dancer shrub is a low-growing bush with purple flowers. Its interior is mostly empty, with its leaves and flowers forming a sphere around the interior of the plant. When it is growing on the ground, this space makes for a perfect home for small animals in the biome, sometimes used by burrowfish when they do choose to surface.

Ecology & Habitat

The dancer shrub can be found across the rolling hills, as well as in a few of the areas surrounding it. In different environments, where the ground does not move, and the shrub has no need to detach itself from its roots, the plant can live and even thrive. However, the plant relies on the constant temperatures of the rolling hills, and seasonal changes and temperature fluctuation in other habitats can easily kill it. For this reason, it is often not found very far from its home biome.
Geographic Distribution

Household Decoration

Due to their ability to survive without nutrients for extended periods of time, the dancer shrub is a popular decoration for the driftboats and hillboats dotting the biome. They can be left alone for long, able to survive not being taken care of over long vacations.


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