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Hillboats are a type of house specialised for life in a Rolling Hills biome. They are designed to be able to withstand the hills' currents, while still remaining liveable and enclosed. There are a few different varieties of hillboats, as the methods of tackling these issues are multiple.

Auradrifter Hillboats

Auradrifters are the least mechanically difficult types of hillboats to make, as instead of being built for reliability in a moving landscape, they are build to hover just above the ground, on the Aura eminated from the biome. With additional stabilising technology, this allows these hillboats to stay relatively level, allowing them to remain unconerned with levelling different sections of floor. However, this comes with the drawback of altitude. The entrances to Auradrifting hillboats are often well above the ground, and require rope ladders to ascend to.

Modular Hillboats

Modular hillboats are a lot more mechanically complex than their Auradrifting counterparts, but come with the benefit of needing little to no magical upkeep. These hillboats have walls curving inwards to meet the flat base, which is separated into loosely-combined segments that can independently rest on different-altitude segments of the hills.

Sailing Hillboats

Sailing hillboats are made to travel with the waves of the rolling hills, in order to stay on similarly-shaped ground the whole time. The downside of these hillboats is that they have no set geographical locations, making giving an address for one of these houses difficult, and finding them to travel to even more so. Some villages of sailing hillboats will stay close together in groups, able to stay close to one another simply by going allowing the currents of the hills to guide them. Such groups are often tight-knit communities that mostly only interact with one another.


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