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The burrowfish is an animal species living in the rolling hills. Despite its name, the burrowfish is not actually a fish, and instead a four-legged and furry animal, with strong claws. It digs its way through the moving plains of its natural habitat, feeding on sunkenweed.

Basic Information


Burrowfish are a small species with a sort of cyllidrical shaped body. They have brown, velvety fur, along with very small and weak eyes and ears and a protruding pink nose. Their forelimbs have strong, powerful claws made for fast digging, while their hindlimbs are much weaker. They have tails that are about half the length of their torso, which grows to a maximum of around 1-2 feet long.
Burrowfish are able to survive in lower-oxygen environments, as they are able to reuse exhaled air to use the oxygen more efficiently. This allows them to survive in burrows in the soil of the hills, with prolonged detachment to the planet's atmosphere.

Ecology and Habitat

Burrowfish are adapted for life in the rolling hills, but they are able to adjust to nearly any environment with loose soil and a similar climate. However, they have very selective diets, and so cannot survive in locations without an acceptable food source.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Burrowfish are technically omnivores, though they are incredibly picky in their diets. They will eat either sunkenweed or worms, though neither of these foods are particularly nutritious to them, so they need to eat a lot to survive.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Burrowfish have an excellent sense of smell and touch, but a much worse sense of sight and hearing. They are able to smell creatures, specifically predators such as the holtsail snake. Their sense of touch also allows them to feel tremors in the soil, alerting them of incoming waves, predators, or even worms in the soil that they can eat.

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